Progressive Polling

If progressives want to see their movement make headway, a good investment would be to invest in polling. So many of these polls are complete garbage. Many of these polls ask respondents questions such as, “do you think Biden is too old” and “would you vote for someone else other than Biden” before asking what candidate they will vote for. Not to mention many of the crosstabs are suspect. These garbage polls are then used by the corporate media as evidence that Biden’s economic agenda is bad.


How resource intensive is polling? Cenk wanted to focus on paid family leave for the initial Operation Hope launch because polls show that the vast majority of Americans want it. Polls are frequently cited by all media outlets, but are certainly filtered to represent the interest of the presenters. Can we use this to gain more exposure?
Would it be useful to poll people for WHY they want paid family leave? Could be a dozen or so boxes to check that outline common hardships that everyday people may face. It’s not as moving as other suggestions that members had, like sending letters detailing their personal hardships, or short videos about the difficulties that family leave would have eased. Instead it would be a broader brush for this issue to be addressed.
This can be done quickly and without average people feeling pressured. Many of us are worked so lean that we can’t take the time to get involved without sacrificing something else. I only got to read everyone’s ideas and post this because I was woken up.
Would a poll like this drive more attention to paid family leave, and would it be a good use of resources?


I think that’s a great idea and a lot less resource intensive than processing personal letters or videos, although I think those are also good ideas. I’d like to see polls or questionnaires that help shed a little light on the exact reasons Trump supporters feel the way they do about him