Protecting Working Class Parents

Regardless of what economic class we are in, we all hear the horror stories. Working Class parents who are clearly motivated, hard working, loving parents paranoid of a visit from CPS (or CYS in PA.) It’s not that working class parents tend to be worse parents, as much as media may show that to be a problem. It’s that parenting is judged by the standard of a wealthy judge that neither knows not cares about the struggles of working class families. Clutter for example can happen with working class families without the home necessarily being dirty, as storage solutions cost more money than the amount of necessary household items to run a home does. Furthermore financial stability as perceived by the wealthy is indeed a standard used to determine whether a family is fit to keep their child. Given that there seems to from my understanding of my own local child protective agency, be a financial motivator for these agencies to adopt out to a family outside of the original family (adoption fees that go right to the organization itself) and the many allegations of this being weaponized as legal child trafficking from our federal government, I believe that organization around and support for families is necessary to protect parents from CPS, CYS, and YSB. I recommend we put up the call for an independent regulatory agency to audit the work of these organizations to make sure no false or misleading statements are made by CPS, YSB, or CYS workers. Or at the very least for all states to be forced to allow parents under the scrutiny to be legally allowed to record all visits from CYS, YSB, etc agents to their home as to be able to properly defend themselves in court. These organizations have so many exemptions of oversight that other organizations have to deal with that as a lawyer friend of mine told me “If one has their child taken by CPS, and are told that they must run through the streets naked to get their child back, their best option is to start stripping.”
Also as current if a child is of parents who each have a different faith, courts across the US have found it acceptable to allow the indoctrination of Christianity in that child by placing the child in the homes of preachers that have intentionally placed themselves for generations to catch and indoctrinate such children.

Our children should be free to choose their own faith in the time when their minds are ready to consider all options, including the very valid option of atheism when they are old enough to understand their choice.

Our parents should not be judged as unfit just for being working class, and without proper regulation of these organizations rest assured, they can, have, and will continue to be able to take children from their families just for being children of a working class family.

The supreme court decided that the state interest in your child is superior to that of the parent. I agree this content and will say you’re right on the money. Governments have a long history of stealing children from poor / native populations, and force them to boarding schools. It is a way you can remove culture from them, it is a really twisted system.