PURE Capitalism (Unregulated) is the Worst!

Often, we do not take the time to consider how bad unregulated capitalism actually is. It will:

Unregulated capitalism will deprive most of the world’s citizen’s of:

  • food
  • water
  • shelter
  • basic amenities
  • transportation
  • education and/or higher education
  • a living wage
  • health care
  • social security and/or financial stability
  • personal safety
  • personal agency

It will also:

  • elevate the worst people into positions of power and/or authority
  • elevate the interest of the most wealthy above everyone else’s interests
  • incentivizes the criminalization of minorities, the impoverished, and immigrants
  • incentivizes wage theft
  • incentivizes high consumer debt and/or unmanageable debt burden
  • force the elderly (that should be retired) to work
  • force children to work
  • force workers to work dangerous and/or hazardous jobs
  • incentivizes false and/or harmful media reporting and/or propaganda
  • incentivizes goods and/or service aggregation to increase monopolistic power

Globally it will also:

  • incentivize pollution and/or destructive practices or renewable and sustainable development
  • incentivizes systemic poverty, racism, and inequality
  • incentivizes corporate and/or governmental corruption
  • subvert the economic interests of the majority of a nation’s citizens
  • take national resources without rendering compensation
  • force nations into austerity
  • incentivizes the downfall and/or overthrow of democracies
  • incentivize authoritarianism
  • incentivize warmongering

If an individual, group, or any othe kind of entity had as long a lost of wrong-doings as this, would our society tolerate it? Not a comprehensive list. Let me know what I have forgotten.


That is a pretty complete list I would add most workers fall in one if not both of the following two descriptions:

  1. Lack of autonomy at work. Workers are left out at nearly all stages.
  2. Demoralization of spirit people often refer to their work as soul sucking.

One more observation is: It incentivizes a fog of war regarding information. If we horde information, and research then what incentive do we have to work together?