Pushing back against FL discrimination

I was not sure what to pick as catagory but I’m in Florida in the LGBT plus community here is the target of the Governors unfair agenda, I was thinking a way to push back. I was thinking about his issue with pronouns. It would be nice to see a protest where since “he” does not recognize how others identify; media personalities, Democrats, and others sympathetic should start referring to DeSantis as “she” or “her”.
This would emphasize how his lack of empathy makes the ones DeSantis attacking feel and as an added bonus, especially if it caught on, would probably push a major button with the already inarticulate Republican candidate.
I also believe “her” adversary would have a field day with it.
Especially after the comments that Don jr said about to sentences voice sounding feminine.

Normally that wouldn’t be something I would attack but this is more retaliatory than attacking.

Anyway I love the shows and look forward to many more
thank you

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I really like the idea. I suggest though, since republicans (receders) can spin anything, that you check with a lawyer about defamation claims.

If you know any pshrinks, ask them about Elon (who said it on SNL) and Defeces both suffering from Asperger’s syndrome.

Perhaps some irony?

:wink: Gosh it must be hard to campaign suffering from Asperger’s syndrome.

IMHO Woke means aware of what the receders are trying to do to the country.

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