Quarterfinals for Progressive March Madness, part 2!

This morning’s Progressive March Madness Twitter poll is out! https://twitter.com/TYTArmy3/status/1504804814299013121?s=20&t=44dywnZnxPWgofCn-Ah-Ow

Is your NCAA March Madness bracket completely shot (like mine is)? Or are you more excited about progressive policies than you are about basketball?

Either way,** Progressive March Madness **matchups continue this weekend, with the championship matchup on Monday. :crown:

Today’s first quarterfinal is Criminal Justice Reform versus Tax the Rich. You can vote in the Twitter poll for which policy is more important to you. :ballot_box:

Yesterday’s recap: **Medicare For All 92.5 completely annihilated Cancel Student Debt 7.5%, and Voting Rights won decisively over Living Wages 74.4% to 25.6%.

Please vote, like, share, and comment on Twitter to help spread the word about TYT Army and progressive policies. Thanks! :heart:

The last quarterfinal for #ProgressiveMarchMadness is now live!

This poll features Housing for All versus Overturn Citizens United for the last spot in the semifinals.

Make sure to vote and check back tomorrow here or on Twitter for the start of the “Final Four” of Progressive March Madness!