Quarterfinals for Progressive March Madness!

#ProgressiveMarchMadness is heating up! :fire:We’re now down to the quarterfinals, with the top eight policies facing off.

Today’s first matchup is Medicare For All :hospital:versus Cancel Student Debt :money_with_wings:. You can vote in this Twitter poll for which policy is more important to you in this Twitter poll. https://twitter.com/TYTArmy3/status/1504442426588606471?s=20&t=5u8xnj1l_Z2clp0BoiRmhQ

  • To recap yesterday’s results: in the Battle Between the All’s, Housing for All bested College For All 81.6%-18.4%.
  • Earlier in the day, voters on Twitter united behind Overturn Citizens United (75.4%) over Free Childcare (24.6%).

Please vote, like, share, and comment on Twitter to help spread the word about TYT Army and progressive policies. Thanks! :shamrock:

Tonight’s #ProgressiveMarchMadness quarterfinal is Voting Rights vs. Living Wages. Please make sure to vote and spread the word!