Questions for our congressman, AG, and DNC chair in NC

Hey guys, Jan 27th I am going to an event in my hometown in NC where Republicans have a supermajority with Our rep Jeff Jackson (running for AG against corruption) I know Jeff, our AG running for Gov Josh Stein, and our new DNC chair Anderson Clayton.

Aside from asking them if they would support an amendment to get money out of politics, and marijuana legalization, please advise on some good questions to ask. Us and Tenn are feeling the wrath of the supermajority, and it’s likely to take a few years to break the stranglehold. Cenk or Mondale, if you see this your advice would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone has a great New Year.


Ask about paid family leave, it’s one of the 3 topics we voted on in the TYT community to focus on. It has high appeal across the political divide.