Rage, disappointment, what's next?

So I’m part of TytArmy already on a few teams, but have dealing with simply provision for my Wife and who is a teacher leaving her job and myself working in the medical field, we truthfully contribute to the community, but when it simply comes to income and monetary wellness it’s damn near impossible to make a living. Either we as collective community start making moves now, and I mean lookout for one another rather than getting lost nuances and playing the same game literally setup to work against we need to unite on honest open front, because no one other than a very very small minority is speaking for us. IF not now, well shit I guess we have to start looking for visas because living freely is becoming less and less attainable based off an individuals predisposition in this so called “Democracy” caste system…


What we need is official after school activities that children can engage in.

AP teachers across the board take their jobs far more seriously than their professor counterparts at the university stuck tesching remedials to freshman.
There is no reason that AP credit could not be recognized as sufficient qualification for the studies they claim to know.

There is nothing an Ivy League Eng 105 will teach that will help a student any better than any other Eng 105 or AP English class across America.

I feel that alone is enough to start an organization, and get actual funding to help sustain efforts as a career.

My highschool career was filled with speech and debate, theater and music out of coincidence of youth activities.
For four years I educated my peers on sexual harassment, abuse, control issues and stereotypes utilizing training from the guidance center and the local theater production company to create in your face real life drama unfolding before your unprepared and innocent minds.
Boys will be boys.

6 hours of training per week every semester every year in highschool. Necessary to mentally prepare you for such undertakings.

I still did every highschool play on top of that, every year in highschool.

Played violin at the school of music at the university since I was 8 through highschool.
Private lesson and a group lesson once a week for an hour, provided all kinds of opportunities throughout my childhood, and that includes Summer Camp from junior high all the way through highschool.

I was still in every school orchestra, band kids have to stick together.
Art kids have to stick together.

I mentioned Speech and Debate, Regionals for prose.
Local rock climbing team rocking 11’s and V4’s, the student body involved are much the same, everyone has hands dipped in all kinds of fun all over the place.

All 3 public highschools had student body started jazz bands that can rock your local bar’s socks off. I was forced to work at the family restaurant, so I never jammed as much as I liked.
But when I did… I didn’t know I could do that, music coming out of me from nowhere, harmonizing, taking melody when the music called for it, and you were actually in the music.

Children need to he engaged, I wasn’t ever finished on Monday thru Friday until 8pm with school activities.

Directive- Bridge the gap between secondary and collegiate education by qualifying secondary education honors programs and learned proficiency through after school programs.

Objective 1: Standardize Advanced Placement to be accepted universally in University.

Objective 2: through an official after school program, standardize curriculum to allow possible 100 and 200 level college credit with relevant clubs and activities.

Objective 3: Improved scholarship path utilizing scholarship searches for interests or potentially achievable awards to encourage education engagement.

Freshman year of high school is an appropriate time to start scholarship searches, but junior high is a good time to bring awareness to the opportunity.

Goals selected may be supported by school expertise and support.

Objective 4: Encouragment and assistance in scholarship application junior year of highschool giving students adequate time to complete applications and requirements.

In addition, preliminary college preparation and general university awareness.

Any additional school specific scholarships may be considered, as well as transcript consideration.

Objective 5: At this point college preparatory students are already easier managed with starting work, considerations, and realistic possibilities.

Also to be considered are those without the grades necessary to support collegiate education.

By senior year, diminishing returns for unqualified students will be a danger.

This is where I believe focus on trade school, art schools if vocation is warranted, or work training opportunities to allow students, even those that choose not to go to college, to put their best first foot forward.

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Still holds true and funny to reflect back on, because currently we are trying to teach them accurate history lol

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