Ranked Polling (Game Theory)

Hey All,

In a reply to a post, I explained the potential game-changing (game as in game theory) influence of ranked-choice (RC) polling (as opposed to standard polling) to establish stable voting blocks by democratic means. To be clear, I am not a game theorist, but I am a computational theorist, and the principles of game theory concepts are within my wheelhouse.

Discoordination of people and a mainstream narrative that decides how|what information is distributed forces people to select a (democratically) sub-optimal option to avoid spoiling. Polling is often constructed with the condition “if the election was held today, […]”. It is a seemingly reasonable and inert condition, but it can have a strong influence on results.

The website is a trusted and scalable RC polling platform and could provide a means of coordinating voting efforts. I have purchased a subscription to see what it has to offer, and it is incredible. I will post an example RC poll for the Democratic Primary in the Discord server.

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and discuss these ideas.


Thanks for your collaboration, @smith_rick87
Your link has been published


Rank choice seems good I think the fact we have to sign up is a hurdle. Maybe we got the wrong link?

This is accurate in my estimates.


sign up only necessary for creating polls (or if the poll requires email). here is the Dem Primary example:


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