Rationale for Top 3 Pieces of Legislation

Now that you’ve decided on the top three legislative campaigns for Operation Hope to organize around, it’s time to do the last part of what Cenk asked for…

—> Explain WHAT the legislation is, WHERE it is (federal, state, local), and WHY it should be the one we focus on. <—

Reply here with your suggestions. After the community decides on the answers for all three legislative campaigns, I’ll then share it with Cenk.

Top 3 Legislative Campaigns for Operation Hope (in no particular order):

  1. Paid Family Leave
  2. Campaign Finance/Anti-Corruption laws
  3. Immigration reform

Some TIPS:

  • This is where getting a little more specific will help. For example, is there a specific piece of legislation that has been introduced (this year or previously) that we should target? Something different?

  • Keep it simple: Even though you are providing explanations and rationale, keep it simple for now. We’ll dive into the weeds and perfect things later. Let’s focus on getting as much participation as possible so that everyone’s ideas and contributions are welcomed and considered.

  • If you don’t have all the answers, or answers to all pieces of legislation, that’s okay! Just do your best. Anything you have to offer is helpful and appreciated.


  1. Cenk’s Call to Action
  2. Our discussion on the Top 3
  3. About Operation Hope’s Goal, Objective, and Mission

We have added a new channel in the TYT Official Discord for Operation: Hope discussions. I will be posting links to our discussions here in the forums to keep Discord members up-to-date and hopefully get them more involved. Be sure to check out the Discord Channel from time to time to see what they may be discussing over there about Operation: Hope stuff.


This will be a very long and complex thread with people approaching each of these campaigns from many angles. I know this is the step where we determine which of the 3 should be our first legislative priority, but I’d like to suggest that we have a separate post for each that are linked to this post. Would keep ideas focused, and make finishing up in this thread much easier I think.

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The purpose of this thread(to me) is to discuss the 3 topics together to determine which we should focus on. If we were to have separate threads for each issue that would allow us to focus solely on a specific issue but it would also take away the reason for the this thread: to compare and contrast the issues and determine which is the one to focus on.

The way I would view it is the 3 things aren’t even a strategy just a direction. So the 3 topics would amount to discussions on what they are. This topic would be maintained as a discussion as the interactions of their most recent iterations. A discussion on priority hierarchy.

Hey @Galphar - You guys are going to present your top three to Cenk and team and then one will be chosen. Sorry for any confusion.

@over9000 That’s a great idea and something I was considering as well. I was hesitant it might confuse people, but the fact you brought it up makes me think… We could either have three separate threads to work on them at the same time, or we could just do one at a time here in this thread.

What do you all think would be best? @here

I would do separate threads for each then and keep this thread for updates on the progress of each. That way if it seems like everyone is focusing solely on one or that one is pretty much done being talked about we can get people to move to the next

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Threads are up, if anyone thinks they should be different feel free. Someday I’ll have time to get better at the controls here, sorry for the mess


I would suggest that the quoted text shows the portion of text in which the idea is explained.

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That is how the links get embedded. They are not quotes

Got it. Quotes would be my suggestion still. I just got confused when navigating the notifications. But it might have just been me: I thought they were the same post. Quoting would make them more different.

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Wonderful - thanks everyone! I pinned the three topics and am going to add an explanation to each so that it’s hopefully self-explanatory to any newcomers. @here


NVM on me adding an explanation. Looking at them again, I think they should be good as is. Thanks a mill @over9000!


I try to help with the minutes I manage to wrestle free. Hopefully people start throwing some input on it, it seems things have slowed the momentum we had. Keep rockin everyone!

Howdy all :slight_smile: Given we will focus on one of these three, and assuming we would like me to share which of these three options I would think we should focus on…

I think anti-corruption is the priority. Other politics are swimming against that current. Political gains outside of anti-corruption are impermanent, even with unwavering defense, and despite any precedent. I think focusing on anti-corruption is a key which will empower all the other necessary objectives. Also, anti-corruption is a unifying political theme (left to right). I added more of my questions on how we might focus on anti-corruption in that specific thread. I don’t intend to add much to the other two options’ threads.

To mention the other two options…

Paid Family Leave, assuming it passes, I would expect some achilles heel of corruption. Perhaps some political betrayal would let it expire without renewal, or perhaps it would be overruled, or perhaps it would be cut, or perhaps it would be slowly chipped away, etc. Given such eventualities, sure, when it happens the establishment would look bad; but such is their nature. And our institutions would fail further; such is their function.

Immigration reform, basically the same as previous, except, if passed it would be even more fleeting. Should this pass it could rally popular opposition, and I doubt its breadth of popular support outside of our own political faction. Even if passed, it would not prevent, and in fact would empower, organized reactive political efforts to abuse migrants in ever more creative ways. Should this pass, when it is cut, it would be missed less than Paid Family Leave would be missed, and would so be of even less political salience. I guess the silver lining I see is that when cut it wouldn’t further degrade the legitimacy of our “democracy” as much as a cut to Paid Family Leave would.

Hopefully my frankness is not too harshly worded. Whatever we do, I will help. I would rather we made progress on anti-corruption. The most convincing argument with which I can persuade myself to work on something other than anti-corruption, is how our goal can help us build momentum, in order to progress on anti-corruption. The second such argument would be that I’m a fool, and we will succeed despite my opinions.

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I asked chatGPT to give us a summary of these three options with a eye toward critical path, and the fact we have few funds / many volunteers.

The Paid Family Leave Legislation presents a critical path that aligns with the goal of achieving impactful change within budget constraints. Leveraging enthusiastic volunteers to drive community engagement, raise awareness, and advocate for the legislation can significantly amplify the impact of the initiative. This option not only addresses a fundamental societal need but also fosters a sense of community involvement, making it a compelling choice for a limited budget with robust volunteer support.

Opting for the Compassionate Integration and Inclusive Immigration Act represents a strategic choice for impactful change within budget constraints. This legislation not only addresses the pressing need for comprehensive immigration reform but also emphasizes the well-being of asylum seekers and refugees. Leveraging volunteers to facilitate community integration, provide support services, and advocate for compassionate policies can create a powerful grassroots movement. The inclusive nature of this initiative aligns with community values, making it a compelling option for impactful change on a limited budget.

Choosing the Transparent Governance and Corruption Prevention Act offers a strategic pathway to combat corruption and reshape political financial practices. This legislation, incorporating features inspired by the Sunshine Act and Spotlight Act, ensures transparency and accountability in the interactions between politicians and industry stakeholders. Engaging volunteers in advocacy, public awareness campaigns, and collaborative efforts with oversight bodies can amplify the impact of the initiative. By targeting the root causes of corruption, this option presents a comprehensive approach for impactful change within budget constraints.


While all three options have their merits, the Paid Family Leave Legislation may strike the best sweet spot between feasibility and costs to overcome static inertia. Its bipartisan appeal, coupled with the universal recognition of the need for family support, could lead to a more straightforward path for implementation. The relatively lower costs, both administratively and in terms of public perception, make it a feasible option to overcome static inertia and bring about meaningful change. However, the final decision should consider the specific context, local political dynamics, and the level of community support for each option.


You did good work leveraging AI :slight_smile: AI concludes with PFL, though I would place it as my runner up.

Perhaps my dissent is based on anticipating political trends. Because I think our ex-president tiny-hands will be reelected as emperor, we could expect anti-corruption will become even more popular, especially among those I assume are not typically pro-anti-corruption. More specifically, I think anti-corruption is relatively popular among the independent center and both tails of political spectrum, while typical party moderates prefer and maintain the status quo; I would expect the power to maintain the status-quo could buckle under the next administration, and then that we could leverage the anti-corruption political winds.

However, assuming static inertia (as what I think AI is referring to), then rather than focusing on the near future, it is talking about passing a legislation with a (kind of) timeless perspective. In this way I might more agree PFL is feasible (if still strategically questionable). (PS. this reminds me of @fourthwall_dragon’s thread on understanding power dynamics; power is not static).

Given all that, I would want to know what our anticipated timeline for our project is. If we expect to get something done before the next administration, then that is how I might more agree with AI on PFL. However, since I don’t expect something that fast (given these three options), I’m still more inclined to prefer anti-corruption.

But, what timeline do we actually expect?

And, would we agree anti-corruption political winds could soon be at our backs?

(Bonus: can we ask what AI makes of such considerations?)

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Thank you all @here for weighing in on the three pieces of legislation. We’d love to hear from more people so that we can then distill it all down into one short summary for each piece. Check out the three separate convos here: Operation Hope - TYT Discussion Boards