Redress government spending on military [user: Over9000]

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Source: Important Update - Operation Hope / Current Mission - TYT Discussion Boards


Topic: Foreign Policy
Subcategory: International Conflict
Is it Legislation? Yes
Is it Federal? Yes
State: Any Applicable

What? Why?
A call for stopping military spending without clarity of objectives and showing how this new spending will be paid for Broad appeal across political spectrum. + “If successful the money will be a windfall to the entire country.”


Original Poster @over9000 , if you have any disputes regarding the classification (What and Why, etc.), please @ me and I will update in accordance… it is after all, Your input

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If AGAINST, on what grounds are you against the idea?

  • Conceptual Grounds (Idea itself)
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If I could rename the topic I’d call it “Redress government spending on military.” And it’s fun that it ends in Over 9000, but I bet we’re all thinking more in the Over 3-400 billion or so region.

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The problem there is often incremental change and drastic change are linked together.