Reject AIPAC groups

Here is the group that is showcasing politicians funded by AIPAC. Anyone want to reach out to them to see if we can amplify their messaging?

You have to gain a certain level of trust to post links in the current state.

I found this it seems similar to what you’re after:

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Perfect! Thank you.

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Kara, there is a March 11 ,2024 article on Al Jezeera by Ali Harb , Reject AIPAC; Progressives are joining groups to call out politicians receiving money from AIPAC. BTW, Cenk did a marvelous job in the debate last night moderated by the guy from Breaking Points. Dennis Praeger was an inconsiderate blowhard . Cheers, Jack

While I feel like a complete ignoramus, I’m not 100% sure what I am supposed to be researching and giving to you. Are we literally just compiling a list of who gets money from AIPAC and how much? I think I’m overcomplicating it in my head, and then I feel paralyzed and do nothing. Sorry for asking such a lame question and not helping at all. :woman_facepalming:

This happens to me a lot, like at the Town Hall meetings. So much gets said, and so many ideas go around that my mind keeps going and going. I get the big picture and concept of everything but then lose the details. Last night, Cenk said something like, okay, we can all work on that. And I was like, yeah, wait, what was that again? :woman_shrugging:

I just saw the notes from last night’s meeting and am so grateful! Those will be beyond helpful for me!

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We are going to get very organized in the coming weeks which I think will help quite a lot.


Let me know if I can help in any way. Just please be specific. :joy:

Kara , unfortunately I will not attend the town hall May 1, 2024. I am seventy -one years old today and will take some moments to celebrate my life and what I can do going forward for TYT. TYT has helped open my eyes to wanting a better country and the responsibility of each individual to affect people’s lives in a positive direction. Please show me where I can get what was discussed at tonights meeting Take care, Jackc380


Happy Birthday, friend!!! Notes will be here for now.


Happy birthday, Jack! I hope you had a great day! :heart:

Thanks, Andrea , yes I did!

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Hey Kara , thanks and I hope I am of some use for you and Cenk. Cheers , Jack

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