Removal of Pre-Existing Conditions from Employee Paid Health Insurance

Obama had removed the pre existing conditions from health insurance coverage in 2018. After Trump took office tjay went away. People like myself have had type 1 juvenile diabetes which lead to several other serious medical conditions that need specialists and medicine to treat and lab work, all which are no longer covered by ANY health insurance, except for Medicaid. To have Medicaid, you must make less than $200/ week and have children, where I live. I can’t make more money or I lose my medical coverage and cannot afford my bills. If we’re to get a better paying job, $20/hr, with company offered insurance plans, I would pay $169/ Bi-weekly, $3,000/ annually before they cover anything, and none of my specialists or lab work or medications would even be covered! I am unable to “better” my life, get off of welfare, or even live. I am able to work but unable to EARN, so I have been living 250% under the median poverty level for the last 21 years while raising my children. I had gotten off of welfare. And a job that paid me 2.5 times the minimum wage inked always had to earn, and paid for my benefits through a hood new job, within 30 days of president Obama changing the pre-existing conditions rules/laws back in 2018-2019. As soon as the rule/ law was reverted back, I was forced back into severe poverty and back on state Medicaid. Just a thought, and a gripe. Anyone have any ideas or ambition to work on this issue for myself and millions of others tjay the republicans say, “ Low income people want to stay home and live on the free government assistance!”…. Total BS! I came off welfare the same month the law was passed and I was able to get out of the shit-hole welfare system that keeps you forced into it, but not because of the program, but because of the Health Care and Insurance rules and laws… The program is great for those who need it. I would NOT NEED it if I could pay premiums and copays through insurance companies, whether it’s one through the market place (aka OBAMACARE), or of my job offers benefits, so long as the insurance actually covers the care for the diseases I have had since I was a two year old and require serious tightly controlled and monitored treatment in order for me to remain healthy enough to work, and can and will die without that care.


Thanks for putting out this.

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