Restoring sovereignty to our money - taking back control from private banks

There is one issue where both sides can actually agree…

Fucking Wall Street back.

The Federal Reserve and its printing press is owned by a cartel of private banks.
But the Constitution says Congress should control the money.
They literally left us with the change which is all the U.S Treasury produces.
Take our money back. Interest has strangled much of the economy. Time to democratize money.

I struggle with exactly parsing your framing but I think you are at the heart of the issue.

This is a super complex issue and if gotten wrong could easily be used to show the ineptitude of a populous a movement.

The problem with remodeling central banking is it does provide a vital function. This isn’t to say the monetary system is a hugely flawed.

The meta you should understand is how do you get from A to B. So you can’t just say B is good. You must understand why scraping the central bank without a substitute is likely really risky without proper preparations.

Think of the economy as a living thing like a tree. The central bank is a caretaker of sorts. It isn’t that we need them, but if we remove them their function needs to be done somehow. If not the monetary system has to be changed in ways that make their work obsolete.

Another way to look at this is about opportunity. When economic conditions are good everyone starts deploying their assets to the fullest extent. This will over heat the economy by the nature of the activity. All your wealth really is a measure of your ability cause a transaction(s) to occur.

Historically speaking when the expansion of this type in a currency diversification is due to a underserved credit market. The people see potential and are locked out of credit. They then tokenize and create alternative currency. This then causes consolidation of markets. This causes crack downs on currencies through controls. This reduces the amount of tokens regenerating the underserved credit market. As long as opportunity is low this market will likely stabilize as a gentle slope downward.

The meta you must also understand is that transactions are the economy in the most pure form. This means what it really is a living idea of the market. The way you do what you want to do is to create a market that is meant to understand this idea outlined above.

If that is done you will understand how we treat the market is how we (society) treat humans. This means what we market / how we market must reflect our philosophy as a human. What you accept money for says many things about you. The same is true of who you work with to get your money. Obliviously this also true of how you spend you money as well.