Revolutions and how oppression is created

Ok so I just had a very enlightened discussion that made me realize two things, one after every industrial revolution known to human history, people in power have taken advantage. I mean obvious examples steam industry, break through weapons in the east like the katana, to medical revolutions in reference in discovering DNA, the list goes on and on to current of technical revolution. Why is it we consciously and continuously lust for power through greed, only to end up in the mess? Anyone’s thoughts?

Because “we” aren’t making the decision to take advantage, individuals are. And the individual isn’t in a mess, “we” are. It’s the prisoner’s dilemma on a global scale.

damn bro hit to the gut, this is the harsh reality, smh, I guess my only solution is based off personal judgement. Which most progressives are relatively good at judging character at least the ability to see past the bs. If we collectively gather people as whole, power in numbers, and actually make a solid stance, change may come, hopefully.

You’re missing variables, Progressives are being held down by a collective. Both Republicans and Democrats have concerns over the extremism of Progressives… a living wage, healthcare, education and good faith politics are such radical ideas that we are the ones thrusting the USA into communism, not the corporate socialism going on with our taxes, our desire that instead of handing our taxes out, we use them to better our lives… that’s the radical idea that earns us public enemy number one.

This is the Outer Limits!

The thing is we both know these things and if I left it out of my explanation it’s me giving you credit for grasping a larger picture, debating over things we both know and agree on, for future references is getting lost in the sauce

I understand, just as I must keep such intensities in my responses to illustrate for historical significance of the issues we face today.

People are going to ask, probably no longer than 50 years, “was it really like that? Almost fascism?”

I’m going to be too old to be so enthusiastic, I’m simply doing my homework now.

You’re doing great, I know kin when I see one.

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