RFK Jr makes it onto Michigan's ballot

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced Thursday he was nominated by the Natural Law Party in Michigan to appear on the state’s presidential ballot this fall.

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This makes the election in Michigan a lot more interesting. Clearly, RFK is guaranteed to get a good amount of votes for a third-party candidate. With 94% of Muslim voters voting uncommitted in the Michigan Primary and many vowing not to vote for Biden in the general election, there could be a real shot for Trump to eke out a victory there. However, RFK brings a variable to the mix that is hard to account for. Some say this addition will ultimately take votes from those disillusioned by Biden, as the fit and once likable RFK Jr was a Democrat, and he has great name recognition for Democrats. I tend to think the other way. RFK Jr.'s unsubstantiated and conspiratorial stances, in my opinion, will turn progressive Democrats and other disillusioned Democrats off, as many are sick of people advocating and believing unsubstantiated and conspiratorial ideas. Such ideas, however, are Trump’s bread and butter, so perhaps RFK Jr. Is exactly what those disillusioned by Trump are looking for.

Granted, I’ve only lived in MI for three years, and traveling out of state a lot at that, but I’ve been involved in politics here, and I’ve never heard of the Natural Law Party! I have to wonder if it’s MAGA in disguise.


RFK jr is a MAGA Trump stooge. He’s working with Steve Bannon, there is audio of his campaign people talking about how they want Trump to win. Trump needs to divide the Biden vote, it’s the only way the GOP can win, since they have only a minority of voters on their side. His whole family is supporting Biden. He spouts conspiracy theories and he wants Gaza razed to the ground. On policies he is far worse than Biden. If you think Biden is bad on Gaza, RFK jr is far worse!! How in the world could Cenk support him?! How could any progressive, if they are informed at all, and coming from good faith?!

While I do not get to watch all of their shows, I do not recall Cenk or anyone at TYT supporting RFK Jr. I’m not saying you are wrong; it is just not something I have heard. You are absolutely right that RFK Jr. is not anyone we should want anywhere near the White House. And I have also heard of MAGA supporting his campaign to split the Biden vote. I wonder, though, if that will backfire. I mean, his views on vaccines, conspiracies, and foreign policy don’t exactly align with the views of Progressives or Democrats, but fall right in line with MAGA. Because of this, I think RFK Jr. will get more votes from those disillusioned with Trump than those looking for an alternative to Biden. :crossed_fingers::woman_shrugging:

From what little I’ve heard of RFK, it has been similar critique, (as @guinliberty 's comment).

But, after skimming RFK campaign policies, and also the natural law party, his campaign does seem like a fairly progressive option.

So, could be either or both a progressive option, and /or an effort to support Trump.

@guinliberty , why would you suggest no informed progressive could support RFK?; are you perhaps defining “informed” as having heard what you’ve heard?

Has anyone heard :

?; I don’t recall hearing this, but I’m quite selective on what of TYT I watch on yt. :turtle:

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