RFK run marks a huge fracture to the democratic party both parties will be drastically reconfigured

I have watched the RFK interview on JRE and found it to be a huge watershed moment in the political meta.

One should watch the interview or avail themselves of the information at hand. I am willing to discuss underlying studies at length if anyone wishes. I am not addressing there treatment just the studies referenced.

His assertions around corporate capture are solid. He then shows the the truth behind the anti-vaxxer movement which in a nutshell has to do with preservatives used in vaccines. Basically research around mercury was disregarded in specific blood brain transmission studies that show mercury in ones bloodstream can accumulate in your brain. This must be studied further but it has likley has caused harm via severity of birth defects and severity of chronic health conditions over many decades.

In short his argumentation is solid in the criticism around efficacy in vaccines except for two crucial points. First he uses studies regarding HIV and anti-viral research that were dubious to question mRNA research that isn’t. He then omits the fact that those who got the vaccine are more likley to test positive for COVID however that isn’t the same as “getting” COVID which is a conflation.

RFK will likley move many people to support him.

The part that he drastically has wrong is he is clearly using this as a power play to exact some sort of justice. He promotes a replacement of staff in agencies and new leadership to decouple industry from agencies. With the best of intentions he will likley fail at any real change if our citizens don’t support a drastically new direction, and reciprocate. This means everyone must be included that means we ALL have to work together.

I fear if we don’t this is how we fall into authoritarianism. Weaponizing the government is a very dangerous game. We will end up in another one of our endless crusades that will have the same result as the all do. More punitive measures placed on our self and fellow citizens. We all went through severe collective trauma lets stop continuing to harm one another.

There is so much confusion status quo powers are in disarray, money has never bought you so little. We must start shifting our government and our society toward inclusion and away from this mass scarcity hysteria. Progressives need to start looking toward tools that will lead to our mutually assured prosperity.

We are our only hope.

We are in a negative feedback loop and it must end.

Swords to plowshares.