Ridiculous and False Claims about Immigrants

My daughter forwarded to me an instagram comment under “christineelisemcarthy” Public Enemy * Fight The Power.
This post is one that I think should be said loudly everyday in campaign ads and during campaign rallies, and via all sources of traditional media, social media platforms, podcasts, etc.

Credit to Jessie Memer who on Monday at 9:48 PM posted the following,

Can I tell you a secret? I don’t even care if there are undocumented immigrants in this country. I think it’s a non issue. Without social security numbers they aren’t privy to the welfare people claim they get, the vast majority of them are normal people trying to live a better life. This whole wall, deport the illegals bullshit is just the one percent convincing the working poor to blame a subset of the working poor for the fact they’re all poor instead of realizing the reason they are all poor is due to vast income inequality and resource price inflation in combination with wage stagnation. Please use your brains. FFs. The existence of another poor person is not why you’re poor. It’s bc the people who control everything refuse to increase your wages.


I agree

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much we tell them facts. They are convinced that our facts are fake news. Nevermind that there is no our vs. their facts.

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