Roe v Wade is a turning point

You’re going to read this and I’ll get an automatic “Omfg this guy is insane.”


But am I?

I only curse here in a desperate attempt to get someone to listen to me. For fucks sake I’m completely serious. And not cursing at anyone.

I am begging you to read this article.

It won’t let me leave a link. Google: “Salon A new civil war? Maybe so”. It’s the first article.

Read it. Just fucking read it.

Even if you laugh it off as exaggeration or whatever… it’s extremely well written and entertaining.

Please. Read.

From the article:

“People are status-quo biased. They truly believe that the way things are today is the way that things are going to be forever. As a result, many people DO NOT SEE THE WARNING SIGNS.”

In psychology it’s called normalcy bias.

Today is the same as yesterday so tomorrow will also be the same.

It’s often what ultimately gets people hurt or killed in the face of real danger they should have seen coming. People failing to prepare for the next LA earthquake is an example.

It’s another word for denial.

Think about the warning signs.

Charlottesville. January 6. Black Lives Matter. Gun rights. As you read the article you’ll find “GOP’s violent rhetoric keeps getting worse — and almost nobody is paying attention.” Republicans have openly called for violence multiple times.

The author makes a comparison to Hitler and “Mein Kempf”. Hitler told everyone about his hatred for Jews. They failed to take him seriously and were completely unprepared.

My greatest fear is overturning Roe v Wade is a far greater deal than we believe.

There’s an incredible article in the Rolling Stone titled “How the fuck did we get here.” I highly recommend it. Republicans have waited 50 years for this moment.

50 years!!! Democrats played themselves with protest votes in 2016.

Honestly, why do you think Evangelical Christians supported mister “grab her by the pussy.”? It was never about Trump. It was about his Supreme Court nominations.

Protest votes for Johnson and Stein opened the door for religious zealots on the Supreme Court.

Now we think refusing sex, protesting, or galvanizing politically is going to overturn it again?

LOL no. They waited 50 years.

The country has been divided for a long while now. Politics is a team sport. Right VS Left.

It’s my opinion we are now officially two separate Americas. How things proceed from here depends entirely on taking the warnings seriously.

I’m NOT advocating violence!!! Absolutely fucking not. I hope more than anything to be wrong.

But Rick Scott, upon multiple other examples, has openly called for “eliminating leftists” at CPAC.

The alt-right has a book called “The Turner Diaries” that lays out exactly how they plan to start a second Civil War.

White Supremecists and neo-Nazis have a book called “The Siege.” “Seiging” the capital.

People… the right is openly advertising their intentions.

We have to wake the fuck up.

I don’t even know who “we” is. If I had to choose I’m liberal. But I’m an American first.

But I also know every single previous empire throughout history has one thing in common.

They have all collapsed.

What in the FUCK makes you believe we’re any different?

I completely understand, you don’t want to believe it. I’m fucking craaaaazy.

Normalcy bias. Complacency. Status quo forever.

Right? I hope so too.


Hey, I hear you. It’s a lot but I have a few responses. Personally I tend to fall into the complacency category, you can’t win so don’t try. One of the things that keeps me from falling into that trap is when Cenk said “The reason they tell you it is impossible, is because they don’t want you to try.” I’m still not an optimist, I just like doing the opposite of what they want.

A small, very loud, portion of team red wants a civil war. A decent portion of both team red and blue believe that civil war is inevitable. I feel that we should not give the ones that want civil war what they want. Additionally, we should be convincing the people that feel it’s inevitable that it can and should be avoided. I know these are not that easy especially when something like Roe comes around and gets the blood boiling.

While a lot of people are born into team red or team blue, culture wars do inspire voting. The main pusher of the culture wars is mainstream media, corporate puppets. That is why independent news like TYT is so important. This is also why the TYT Army uses social media to call out mainstream media biases.

Team red and team blue voters agree on quite a few major issues like Roe staying the law of the land. The majority also agrees on voting rights, gun control, medicare for all, and some of the elements of the Green New Deal. (This is just off the top of my head) Which brings me to what I think is the biggest problem, if the voters are represented, why don’t we have any of these things? If both red and blue voters want something it shouldn’t matter if team red or team blue has a majority in congress. The answer is thanks to legalized bribery and the ability of the ultra rich to buy elections, the voters are no longer represented. Therefore, instead of a civil war we should be coming together as voters to get money out of politics. And there are groups like Wolf-PAC and unPAC that are trying to do this.

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Wow. It’s so refreshing to see your comment. I too get annoyed at the complacency on the left. I often wonder, is it because many of those with large platforms/audiences live in majority blue states and simply can’t fathom that their comfortable world could easily come to an end at the barrel of a gun? While I respect Chelsea’s reply, I simply disagree that only voting and talking to people will turn things around. In fact, and maybe you’re new here and they assume you don’t know our goverment and media is owned by corporations, but their response smacks of condescension, privilege, and naivete. The time for talking has passed; our LGBTQ+ and BIPOC brothers and sisters are already under violent attack by both the state and the rabid right wing fringe (mainstream?). Getting money out of politics is a worthy cause, and we shouldn’t stop fighting for it, but we need a new strategy that addresses how to resist and defend ourselves from those who seek to do violence on us. Once the militias officially merge with law enforcement and disgruntled military service members, it’s as Cenk would say, “Good night, Irene.” All it will take is a Fort Sumter or J6 event to complete that process. I don’t think people get it. White nationalists seizing power would be a Hitler 2.0 situation.

I apologize for being condescending in my reply. My intention was to keep some other options on the table because when violence becomes our only answer they have already won.