Ron DeSantis honors transgender woman

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis honors transgender woman who leads diversity seminars.

Ref: Story from The Palm Beach Post, on 11/5/23:
" Say what? Gov. Ron DeSantis honors transgender woman who leads diversity seminars in state" by Frank Cerabino

This is amazing.

In a letter signed by DeSantis, he shows how Ashely Brundage, a transgender woman, is a mentor to women and children.

“I appreciate your dedication and hard work as a mentor and advocate to children and women,” DeSantis’ letter says.

This story should be highlighted to show how even he knows that LGBT are critical to Florida, rather then have to pander to a base that is against LGBT.

TYT, I hope you get this added to one of your shows, I think this is a great story of a positive LGBT / Women / American Role Model, Ashley Brundage, and even Ron DeSantis would agree.


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That’s whats known as a head fake. Don’t fall for it.


I know it is true, since I know the woman who got the reward. It is just when a group discriminates against another, they hide the times they reward or take from those they discriminate.

Like the web designer, that will not write a site for a gay couple, but will will use a phone and tech from company run by gay CEO (Apple). They are not true to their principle’s.

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Yeah… newsflash: there’s hypocrisy in human affairs. lol

I think Foxconn’s work conditions was reason enough not to patronize Apple. There is that quote from Jerry Garcia that is:

If you choose the lesser of two evils you still choose evil

What should be said is just because you choose evil doesn’t make you evil, it may mean you have no other choice. In many of our cases this would be accurate in many cases we face. I think that a key to happiness is vacation from things you find indispensable, and if you do so you may discover you were a victim of fixation. Is it really smart to always carry a “smart” phone?