Run for local government

We need people to run for local offices. Change must start at the local level. We can make a more impactful change in our own cities and unite them around progressive policies because if we are real, most people agree with progressive policies, whether right or left. 
I understand many progressive policies need to be implemented at a federal level like H4A and paid family leave, but we can organize cities and take it to our state houses. 
We can also do a lot to advance the progressive cause at the local level, like education, getting the rich to pay their fair share in taxes, building cities for the people, and environmentally sound development/policies.
We could compare what has worked and what hasn't in our communities, from policies to how to talk to people. For example, I live in Idaho, a red state, and I've found I'm getting more significant pushback from Democrats than Republicans and even die-hard trumpers, and when asked what party I am, I say Progressive. I am utterly shocked by this, but it makes sense when I step back and look at it. Democrats in red states hold on to the party tight because they see what is wrong and can point at the Republicans to blame. They wouldn't be wrong, but they aren't seeing the total picture that the Democrats are as much to blame. I hate dual political parties because it makes it easy to pick sides.
If yall want to know what tactics and policies I'm pushing, please hit me up on this thread, and I will reply. I would like to know what other people are using and would kindly ask for people to reply to this post.
I'm wicked tired right now and apologize if i've rambled a bit and aint perfectly cohearent but I think yall get my point.
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I think everyone needs to unlatch their politics to a particular party. There is a lot of in name only comments Dino, Rino, and politician that values profit over patriots needs to understand that they are an American in name only.

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