Seeking Campaigner With The 'Right Stuff' To Win It

We are looking for the very best CAMPAIGNER. If we can add to the odds of winning with other factors too (such as from a swing-state lost to the enemy of the state with high favorability number among registered voters), all the better. But, the reason why Biden failed is that he is no longer able to campaign sufficiently. Seeking the Ultra-Charismatic-Ultra-Smart-Ultra-Informed-Ultra-Clean-Ultra-Healthy-Ultra-Honorable, and yes, Ultra-Tough-AMERICA-LOVING campaigner able to get elected on one campaign promise alone:

        The Rule of Law Shall Be Restored and Reinforced in the U.S.A.

If there is no such politician who fits that description, it may be necessary to have a patriot from a different walk of life step up to the plate. This person must be able to make 5 stump speeches a day. This person must have a ferocious command of every FU the enemy of the state ever perpetuated while in public office by abusing power, AND every beneficial thing the Democratic president recently did, was block from doing, and was mistaken about at the front of his/her mind and on the tip of his/her tongue. This person need to possess a mind that is a Steel Trap and mouth that is an Indy Car). This person must be able to parry with the bad actors in the press conferences with style and GRACE (check the venom at the door – this is about campaigning to mom and pop AND their grandchildren who are scared. And being fearlessly out front! This person needs to be able to articulate the conflicts of interest driving media choices, etc., etc., etc. with facts and knowledge. This person needs the endurance to make five stump speeches a day (note: private jets such as Airforce One are mobile penthouse suites, not red-eye flights in coach). This person needs good judgement to burn when it comes to course correcting staffers on the campaigning team (hiring and firing). This person should not be selected based on access to a war chest alone – Bernie showed us what small donations can do. This person must want it (the accomplishment of the campaign promise) badly. So, who is that person? This silver bullet? I don’t know. But this can serve as an improvised job description for applicants to reveal themselves. Applicants who are hesitant need not apply. Finally, I think we should put an end to the controversy respectfully and concisely (no snark intended!) with three words: eight one next.


For lack of sounding like a complete dolt, I don’t get the last part. From what I’m reading, are you basically saying you are not in favor of Harris? I think I’ve read so many posts referencing who should and who should not run run that my brain is a bit mushy this morning. :joy: