Sex & Gender shaming on the main show

On Friday one of John’s guests on the main show engaged in extended virgin-shaming on air. This was strikingly similar to a frequent contributor’s unhinged anti-asexual rant late last year, on a night Franny was host.

Does TYT have a policy regarding guests using the platform to spread hate? Can we expect a apologies regarding this content? (I have pulled my membership and support for TYT because of this issue).

You may have the correct position, however it is important to acknowledge cause and effect. If your desire is change for TYT you may be best outlining a persuasive argument before a pointed one.

Weaponizing criticism is a problem as well and I know many of us wish to form a future better then our present.

I watched the show live. To call it hate speech is a stretch to far. If you are so emotionally fragile you can not handle a little teasing, you should leave, but I will not follow you, because I have a sense of humor.

Besides, teasing someone about not popping their cherry yet, is not the same as put some down because of their race, sexual orientation or religion. Those fall under true hate speech. You need to get out of the house and get some prospective.

Yeah I think this is correct framing for this instance. I will say teasing lands much different depending on how it is perceived. Weather the perception of the person being teased assigns the interactions of others coming from a place of hate or love, it may land much differently.

One technique used by the right when accusing the left is by merely characterizing a statement out of context as opposed to citing the alleged “hate speech.” Bad actors who engage in this (I am not suggesting you are) do this on purpose, assuming the mentally lazy won’t bother to check it out and will accept it. When referencing some statement you have a problem with, it will instantly be taken more seriously if you are willing to cite the statement as best you can remember and the context. Many routinely discount such bald accusations as false or exaggerated for that reason. One might wonder why a person making such an accusation doesn’t cite or at least paraphrase, the offensive language? Having said all that no one should be shamed for saving the most intimate part of their body and heart for the right person. (By the way I watched that show and don’t even remember what you are referring to). Respect and love. t

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I imagine this is one of those things where people who aren’t entirely in control of their situation feel like they’re being poked by proxy over and over again and at some point they hit their breaking point and lay into the last person who said it, even if in a vacuum that one comment wasn’t in and of itself that offensive or even targeting them. It’s not that different from someone finally getting fed up at all the jokes about Chris Christie’s weight. You see this happen with the common insult about folks living in their mom’s basement. It’s supposed to indicate that the target lacks emotional maturity and has failed to launch but given the economic realities it may literally be just a matter of financial stress. So hearing people throw the insult around casually at other people could, little by little, whittle away at their own self-worth. Because from a purely logical standpoint, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t take personal jabs, even in jest, at person A but then be like “oh, but not you” when person B fits that same profile. TYT has been pretty good at this particular topic though. They regularly cover stories about the increasing isolation and dating difficulties in the modern world and treat those stories with the appropriate seriousness.