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We all have friends, family, neighbors or acquaintances who seem to be just barely out of reach. My family and most friends are very progressive, but trying to get them to hear the message of Operation Hope has been challenging, especially since we’re all working constantly and struggling.
Can we get a library of super cuts of Cenk interview Q&A that we can pick from to expose the message(s) that we feel are best suited for the person we’re interacting with at the moment? I don’t use TikTok so if this exists I apologize, but I haven’t seen any like it on the YouTube channel or TYT network yet.
I have a few conservative friends that agree with some of Cenk’s views, as the majority of Americans do, but if I try to show them a 5 min clip that includes any other progressive stuff the far right programming gets triggered and they won’t hear anything else or remember what they agreed with.
If someone can cut the interviews into single Q&A and label them by topic it would be a way for those of us with only a few free minutes a day to reach out to those who we have hope for. Those clips could be combined in different ways to make longer Cenk interviews. How cool would a 15min clip of Cenk responding to each of the hosts he’s talked with be?
We’d probably want to also have a gauge of how fiery Cenk’s speech gets in the clip, my 70 year old mom was a little surprised at his intensity but I think she’s on board!

I’m asking for someone to help with this because I saw young, underprivileged and poorly educated people who were mostly progressive be easily swayed into voting for trump in 2020 because of Facebook and TikTok video clips.
The disinformation machine has a lot of reach, but if you could show someone a 20 second clip of Cenk breaking down a topic it might appeal more than trying to reason with an ill informed person. They may even want to see more.
If anyone likes this idea please bring it up in other platforms, I can only use this one. I welcome criticism :+1:t3:

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I hate to say it but you maybe the person that should do this. Most young people think that this is unethical because you’re using his content. If you’re helping him amplify his message, it’s not unethical even if you monetize it especially if you add value opinion, framing something to it.

Shotcut is free open-source editing software. Search for a link downloader, this allows you to download videos off a link.

Use AI to make your thumbnail.

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I would definitely try if I had the time, it’s just not possible. Reading and responding here is something I can do in the seconds between my labors, my pc never gets turned on anymore and I don’t know if this old phone would be able to work the software.
You’re probably right that it’d have to be me, @enduser , we’ll see.

Editing rigs need RAM and storage to do well. Twitch has a web editing UI for streams that may work with some phones. You can downlod the clips as well. The workflow is abit odd because others would be able to watch it live.

This will likely happen and is happening organically.

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I always stay hopeful. Thanks @enduser

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