Sharing facts in evidence

These observations are facts related by a trained historian- please share with those in the MAGA/red state GOPers community you know who MIGHT be open to changing their minds when faced with undeniable vetted evidence. Sadly too many of them are so delusional, brainwashed and dogmatic about their preferred worldview fantasies this may be a waste of time but try anyway as the survival of democracy and our republic may rest on changing a few minds who might vote differently next time and stop facism. October 26, 2023 - by Heather Cox Richardson


Thanks for posting this. I liked reading this until the pop-up that needed my email address. I found her on a podcast and I really liked what she had to say. Her episode is on Sept 26 and I definitely recommend it.


She posts a news observation almost daily and can be subscribed to post in your email feed.

btw, some adbock internet browser extensions can prevent the pop-up; I added both the pop-up and the background fade as blocked elements (using adguard adblocker), and could then read the post.

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