Should I be concerned about the origins of the Del Rio Haitian Immigrants?

I was concerned after news reports showed fifteen thousand immigrants arriving in Texas in a matter of days. My question is how did they all arrive at the same place in such a short period of time. There are other border towns nearby, why did they all choose the same place to cross. Something seems strange about the entire ordeal. I have not drawn any conclusions but strange is strange. Does anyone know where they were before they crossed, why they decided to cross at the same time and why they all gathered under the same bridge in Del Rio? Any pertinent information will be appreciated because the explanations various news channels are extremely vague.

What you should be concerned about is that we are not processing claims fast enough and allocating enough resources to ensure the safety of these refugees.

You are correct. I am definitely concerned about that. I was just wondering if we are going to find out some day that this was a plot of some kind. Of course I am concerned about the welfare of fellow human beings.