Social media for Operation Hope?

Cenk mentioned on the show today about how much of a cesspool Twitter / X has become (even worse than it already was). There are still good people on there, but they post less often than they used to or have gone to greener pastures.

Is it still worth for “normies” to try to get the message out on Twitter? Big accounts still get a lot of traction but smaller ones not so much — looking at Twitter analytics I get like 10% of the impressions I used to — down from 100k impressions or so to 15k or so a month — and others have told me they’re seeing similar with their accounts.

Threads and BlueSky are other Twitter-like options, but not sure how successful things would be there either.

I wonder if among the volunteers, do we have someone who has a good number of followers, or who’s having better luck with getting views or interactions on their content? I used to help with posts for the TYT Army account back when that was still a thing, and we would get pretty good numbers on some content, but that was a TYT account.

Maybe I can bring this up in the townhall as well. Just curious to see if people had any thoughts on this.


I have never had any social media with any amount of followers. I had a Twitter account for around a year and topped out at 2 followers, lol.

So I am the worst person to speak on this in some ways. I will tell you it is perhaps worth keeping, it is always possible Twitter is resold.

As far as influencing I am not sure that really ever happened much there. It seem from the outside to be more like a way to reinforce opinion. I always thought it was the rage junkies quick fix on some sweet endorphin high, but I might be a bit cynical on that one.

The funny part is the Japanese love Twitter and it is much different atmosphere from what I am told. So I guess Twitter maybe a bit like a cultural mirror as most social media seems to be.

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