Stop assuming the rest of the World is Better than us

We are all equally shitbags living in a world where the bad guys outnumber the good ones by A LOT. This is a CHANGE of opinion for me—I used to think the bad people were all in power. White supremacy and Chinese Nationalism has shown me excessive ego is just one giant human trait we all share to a fault.

And It actually just dawned on me.

MANY on the left are exercising their own "progressive’ form of Racism.

What do I mean by that?

Assuming that other races are so naive and simple that they must lack the ABILITY of Americans to be as Ruthless as we are is no less Racist than thinking they are MORE animalistic as we are.

Yes there are some REAL sociopath shitbags in America who are also SUPER SUPER smart . How do you think they are so successful at manipulating things?

But when you start assuming it’s just some American quality what you are ACTUALLY demonstrating is you are a RACIST because you think other countries people/leaders lack the Intelligence to be as clever sociopaths as we are.

I am treating other countries like I treat all human beings; As inherently ruthless and selfish groups of individuals where I found uplifted members to be the exception…not the rule. And the RACE of who is ‘uplifted’ has NOTHING to with it.

It all comes down to values, and make no mistake…the Chinese human values in their leadership is just as ruthless and selfish and manipulative as the Best Sociopaths America has to offer.

IF you are NOT familiar with China then GET familiar before arguing with me. Too many are coming at me that have ZERO clue what they are doing in South China Sea and how they are bullying the Philippines and many of their other neighbors.

Let me be clear: We are ALREADY in an War with them. It is a Cyber and Economic War and those can be JUST AS dangerous as any other wars but in less obvious manners.

You tell the kid whose fisherman father was bullied and drowned by Chinese Fishermen in HIS territorial waters that America is more Dangerous than China and see what he says.

I mention all this because I am hearing WAY to many people on the left who have learned THE WRONG LESSONS from the last 20 years of war.

Appeasement HAS BEEN TRIED BEFORE. Right before WWII it was the progressive shout of the day. It lead to the worst war in world history. You CANNOT appease bullies.

In Aghanistan and Iraq we were BEING the bully and that was NOT OK. The situation with China is NOT the same. They are a VERY REAL threat and I am tried of people on the left beign critical of anyone who points it out as a warmonger.


But pretending we have evolved beyond warfare IS THE QUICKEST WAY to see it arrive at your doorstep!

I have opposed every war or conflict we have been involved in since Desert Storm. I am NOT opposing an aggressive stance against China for good reasons. I wish we had started playing hardball with them a decade ago WHEN I WAS ACTIVELY sending White Papers up the Chain of Command in the Army warning them.

I was ignored. Yet ALL of my predictions came to pass. As for negotiations? Obama RUINED our ability for a fundementally peaceful solution when he created a red line then did not hold to it. He NEVER should have let them build those man-made islands in the South Sea.

HE CERTAINLY should not have called them a Red Line and then done NOTHING when China crossed that line. The lesson they learned? We ALWAYS bluff…which means UNTIL WE PUNCH THEM IN THE NOSE they are just going to keep going. Weakness is just as dangerous as Warmongering.