Stop Saying "Race"!

Bad ideas are passed down from our ancestors and its our job to correct them. One of the worst ideas, if not THE worst, is the idea that there are different races of human beings. Science has proven this wrong. Through the knowledge of our evolutionary history and the study of genetics we now know there is no such thing as races among human beings.

Mass global transportation has only come about in the last 150 years. For thousands of years before that people migrated to geographic areas where they could survive, and then stayed there. This led to inbreeding within the group which created similar gene pools causing the groups to have similar outward features, similar language, and similar cultural practices. Our ancestors refer to the groups as “races”.

They were wrong and we need to correct this.
How do we correct this? Stop calling ourselves black or white or hispanic or african or european. We’re simply humans with variations in looks, language, and cultural practices.


Difficult to get this to change, I can’t say where would be best to start. It’ll probably be a multi generational process. Unfortunately education is going to be a primary concern, since children learn the idea of “race” from schools and from families.
Much like the changing of the use of pronouns, people who understand that we’re all the same race will mostly embrace the change. The racists that don’t want to believe science never will. The kids taught racist ideology need to have a chance to learn the scientific perspective and evolve.
Maybe this is why aliens don’t want to talk to us.

I am the person when asked what “race” I am that answers Human and when asked my nationality I say Teran or Earth. I have probably lost a few jobs because of this too

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The best place to start would be on social media (aka the new word of mouth).