Story correction

Hi, I couldn’t find where to contact about a story that needs correction. I live in the UK so usually watch content the day after it’s posted and just finished watching hour 1 of yesterday’s main show.

Ana and Cenk were discussing Boris Johnson and the Omicron variant. Ana said that Boris Johnson had announced a new lockdown and groups of more than two were not allowed. I’m not sure where this information came from but it is not the case. He did announce some new restrictions, but it is far from a lockdown. The full details about the new restrictions are on the official government website: gov(dot)uk/coronavirus (can’t post links so just replace the (dot) with a real .).

I know TYT is dedicated to the truth and I’m sure Cenk and Ana will want to be aware so they can issue a correction. Keep up the good fight, love my TYT family :heart:

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…and I’m just listening to hour 2 and Ana corrected it already :rofl: nevermind :yum:

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