Strategies to Galvanize our Movement for Collective Action

Please use this space to share ideas with the goal as stated on the title. I will be doing so too: I will start by re-hashing an idea with a lot of potential.

Also, as a pointer: If you come up with an idea that doesn’t seem feasible, try a variation of it: For example: an idea could be poorly implemented on the real world, but it can have a lot of impact if executed online.

Maybe one of these can help us propel the ideas we are discussing f or more immediate action.

Let’s do this!

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Here are my thoughts.

To effect progressive change, three things will be required:

  • information and research, or essentially figuring out what the underlying issues are, such that the right problems can be addressed, instead of fruitlessly trying to address all the problems that arise from the basic underlying issues that lead to all other problems.
  • specific, targeted planning, figuring out individual goals that are manageable, achievable, and realistic, that can lead to the next goal in the agenda. This will require much discussion in order to prioritize goals in terms of requirements (specific goals not achievable until some other goal achieved), achievability, and desireability of goals.
  • Action. I do not think I have to explain this. Just do the stuff.

First and foremost, looking to the past is extremely useful to see how effective progressive reform was effected, giving us strategies in general that are effective in pushing for reform. For anyone ignorant of progressive reform throughout history, the wikipedia article is a good starting point to start understanding such (Progressive Era - Wikipedia).

Most will find that wikipedia can be a powerful tool in the progressive toolbox (information in general), not because it is a good source of information (it has some failings in this regard), but because it is a good start to understanding an issue or idea, and it cites it sources. This leads to finding readily available information. Additional research requires delving extensively into media and academic research, but this is not a burden that everyone has to take up, so it is not applicable to most people.

Alliances will also be a powerful tool in the progressive toolbox. To effect progressive reform, progressives will need to ally with everyone, as required, eliciting as much cooperation as possible to push through reform. It is important to always remember that effective alliances are inclusionary, that for practical purposes, to turn away an ally is to weaken an alliance. There is no single uniform alliance anyone could form that could ever effect progressive change. Progressives will have to ally with absolutely everyone that they can and exploit the alliances that are closest to a particular political goal in order to achieve that goal. This also means any political faction that makes a perpetual enmity with progressives, do this on purpose, because without their cooperation, progressives can never achieve their goal. Additionally, progressives can be compelled to cooperate in their goals, because progressives are compelled to “Do the right thing”.

Finally, learning to be persuasive will also be essential in the progressive toolbox, because not only do progressives have to persuade others to join “progressivism”, but the also have to persuade non-progressive of being correct, but also have to elicit cooperation from those that outright oppose progressives.

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Communication. As a movement, progressives are fractured in many aspects, and we’re lacking meaningful communication to even see each other. I don’t think we need a hard definition of, or a label for progressives. Many people have some progressive views but don’t think they are. Some are mostly non but have a couple of progressive angles.
We need a progressive forum. I started taking part on this platform because it feels like a place where people are voicing ideas, mostly to further positive change, with reasonable moderators to keep the trolling low. Not as much engagement as I expected considering the size of the TYT community, but I’ve found that they’re spread across many platforms.
Finding a way to link cross platform TYT communities would pull us together. The Operation Hope call to action has been great for gathering and directing, giving everyone a chance to voice opinions and to steer decisions. Would’ve been great to have longer, but time constraints are real.
Link TYT across platforms. Possible?