Strategies to move forward?

Can you imagine if democrats actually (falsely)rooted for trump? We’ve seen what his capable of if you(LIKE) him, he would of fought tooth and nail for anyone that showered him with complements, but republicans got to him first. Although he was franchised to begin with by republicans, which was purposeful, due to his popularity, if anything they did too good of job promoting him. He literally found every outlet and made new outlets to oppose just out of vindication, although it was internally fueled, in sense of giving a baby his bottle, a baby that held immense power, and boy did that baby throw tantrums. This brings me to the realization, if we coddled this man baby, we could of used him to for a greater good. As manipulative as its sounds we need to start strategizing more on indifferences and utilize simplicity as such.

I had a similar thought about Republicans and CRT. So… imagine - if the first time a Republican had advanced the CRT grievance, The Democrats had responded with "WHAT?!? They’re teaching WHAT to our kids!!! NO NO NO, We have to stop This NOW!!! HOUSE COMMITTEE!!! INVESTIGATION!!! TESTIMONY!!! ~/~ It pulls the rug out from under them if we jump on their bandwagon, and start driving twice as crazy. We really should be co-opting every single one of their non-issues. Argue-ing with them literally validates them, but agreeing and going out front and over the top would de-fang them, I think.

Any input on on the federalist around John Adam’s time?