Submit your Priorities! (Ranked Choice Schema)

Hello Team,

I am going to leave my submissions here so you can copy, paste, and alter the Rank assigned to each one. I am limiting to the 10 Issues without the Subcategories, though.


For Ranked Choice priorities are set up to be [lower is better]. #1 would be your highest on Conceptual grounds and your first issue to tackle, chronologically, for the Strategic ranked choice.

  1. My Conceptual Ranked Choice: I have assigned same value to all for two reasons:
  • To set an example that Rank numbers can be repeated.
  • I think they are all equally important in equal manner (at least as of now, if I change my mind, I will just come back and edit my choices… We have until 2023-12-01T00:00:00Z for this.
@fourthwall_dragon Conceptual Ranked Choice

Type: Conceptual,
1: Civil Rights,
1: Climate Change,
1: Democratic Process,
1: Education,
1: Foreign Policy,
1: Gun Control,
1: Health Care Reform,
1: Income Inequality,
1: Influence of Religion in Government,
1: Media Meta Analysis

  1. And My Strategic Ranked Choice:
@fourthwall_dragon Strategic Ranked Choices

Type: Strategic,
1: Civil Rights,
3: Climate Change,
1: Democratic Process,
2: Education,
4: Foreign Policy,
3: Gun Control,
3: Health Care Reform,
2: Income Inequality,
4: Influence of Religion in Government,
1: Media Meta Analysis

Please reply with your choices!


To be clear- we’re talking about how we feel these categories rank in importance in the upcoming election, not how important they are to moving forward as a society?
I want to focus on long term, but if we sink into a totalitarian state all bets are off.

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That is a good question. I would say upcoming election since the idea is move to tackle goals after we agree upon them.

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I had assumed as much. Hopefully we can get others interested in this project to focus on that goal, it’s easy for an inclusive community to just be all over the place. Any ideas anyone?

I suggested a topic of what we are working now in the topic tree discussion. This would currently be the list in my opinion. Our focus should be generating that list for Cenk. We have deadline to submit Dec 1.

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I understand you are asking for a different type of answer, but you bring up an important dynamic: ranked choice polling.

TL/DR: A scalable rank choice polling system could result in stable voting blocks. Biden would be less likely to win against other Democrats but more likely to beat other Republicans. Win-Win.

We may not be able to modify our election system to be one based on national popular votes or ranked choices before 2024, but we can effectively change it through game theory. Social structures (communication, coordination, education, social contracting, and so on) can determine different outcomes of elections. The game-change (from something like rounds of ranked-choice polls) in a General election is more obvious than in a Primary election but could result in dramatically more democratic results.

I have been looking for a platform like Google Forms (trusted, secure, manages credentials, centralizes results, free to use) that also provides drag-and-drop polling. Unfortunately, I have not found any other viable solutions.

That being said, Google Forms can do rank choice polls, which appears to be the most scalable option. For example:

I can write the script to calculate the ranked choice results. A bunch of algorithms exist. My opinion is that the poker-hand style ranked choice is the most democratic, but it ultimately might not matter much in the long run.

Additional benefits include providing a passive interface between fractured leftist groups. Rank choice voting is far less contentious and unifying than bickering about the scattered assortment of issues and candidates. It could even provide a means of interfacing with rightist groups. An American Round Table through the language of ranked choice polling.


This is a good idea in my opinion. I have a video outlining an idea for a polling system that does testing and has other augmentations.

I think the move here could be that we could help develop the frame of polls that could be pushed to at some point.

We could be the headwaters for consensus building ideas in other words.

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i love that!! it would be really interesting to see how it transforms coordination and participation in operations, if people feel theyre being heard and their preferences are reflected in various objectives.

if there is anything i can do to make this proposal more appealing to the higher-ups, let me know.

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Please participate in this post Important Update

Posts by @fourthwall_dragon show the ideas proposed in that post along with others are converted to polls that could be voted on as a show of support.

Here is an example Create federal and state solar and wind farms [by user: over9000]


The most important issue that effects All other issues is campaign finance. It’s going to be way more difficult to fix everything if we don’t solve that issue