Create federal and state solar and wind farms [by user: over9000]

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Energy Infrastructure

Add-on for polling and gaining consensus on ideas and priorities

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Source: Important Update - Operation Hope / Current Mission - TYT Discussion Boards
Federal and state solar and wind farms


Topic: Climate Change
Subcategory: Green Energy
Is Legislation: Yes
Is Federal: Yes
States: Any Applicable

What? Why?
Create federal and state solar and wind farms We need more energy and better transmission, create more jobs and good paying transfer and training for energy sector workers. Get America’s energy sector out from under the thumb of private sector


Original Poster @over9000 , if you have any disputes regarding the classification (What and Why, etc.), please @ me and I will update in accordance… it is after all, Your input

Now @everyone, please vote on the following questions:

  • Are you in favor of this idea? (higher is better)
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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If AGAINST, on what grounds are you against the idea?

  • Conceptual Grounds (Idea itself)
  • Strategic Grounds (Strategic Liability)
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@fourthwall_dragon I like the vote system, it looks great. Initially I wasn’t sure if I should vote on others’ topics if they hadn’t yet, but figured it couldn’t hurt. I’ll give you my $.02 on it.
The Summary section blends in so well that I didn’t notice it could scroll sideways (I work strictly mobile), could have something to draw attention to it.
When I first saw the polling on another post I wasn’t clear if I should/could vote for it and also against it, because the idea was a great one but impossible to implement. Maybe add clarification at the “@everyone” line.
I believe you set this up for us to help respond to Cenk’s call to have a vote on the biggest issue for him to cover, right? It seems most recent posts are unaware of his call to action. If you aren’t adding it already, you might preface these polls with some statement like ‘Help decide our course’ or ‘2024 needs new legislation’.
As always, you kick ass, keep it happenin :muscle:t3:

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Thanks for the feedback and you are right. I was planning on getting Cenk to do a shout out via the show. That proved to be an effective way to mobilize the community. Now that other posts have been added to the schema. I am planning on submitting a Superchat to accomplish this, but I got to call my cc issuer since I blocked id trying to donate $10 to Wikipedia. I had the impression you sent one yesterday and Cenk ran out of time right after mentioning your handle.

I will include Cenk’s call to action to the schema, that will make people more cognizant of them being the same endeavor.

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I was listening but too busy to respond. He did read and respond later in the show, putting the word out to anyone listening that he approved any and all use of his broadcasts to be cut/clipped and shared.
I think this will be an absolute game changer, but the idea I had with Share Cenk’s voice needs to reach the twitch, discord and YouTube communities that follow TYT. I can’t, but if anyone else following this thread can please do.

Any idea or opinion I post should always be considered public domain.
Thanks for your efforts!

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We can clip that clip and share it.

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