Supporting Dr. Cornel West for President

Why aren’t we, as progressives, supporting Dr. Cornel West for President. Isn’t he continuing where Senator Bernie Sanders left off? Isn’t he better than Biden and Trump? Can’t we shine a light on him and help boost his platform? Is there a more intelligent candidate than Dr. West? Wouldn’t it be great to see him debate Kanye West… West vs. West?

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I think it is because he is running in the People’s Party. TYT should do a Williamson, West, Turner, and Uygur debate.


I will absolutely not be voting for Biden in the primary. West is by far my top choice. I will absolutely not be voting for Trump in the general. :frowning: I don’t even want to think about that sad vote I’ll likely have to cast for a corpse.

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I totally hear you, and yet I feel strongly that he isn’t the candidate to put up against Trump.

  1. He’s a little too…brainy
  2. a little too eccentric
  3. This is too important for a maybe. He MIGHT beat Trump, but I’ve been wanting Cenk to run for years (before I could afford to be a member): he’ll verbally beat on Trump and all against progress.
  4. Our country is a lot more racist than we think and Obama is good looking; says what people want to hear; he’s a natural orator and his intelligence doesn’t get in the way of his speaking. Peeps I guess tolerated that.
  5. Racism again but from different angle: he’s too nice and like with Bernie, doesn’t want to ever attack ad hominem which will have to very much be done to beat Trump. Why racist, because: as a black man he will not be given the leeway needed to attack; he will be labeled deranged by the democrats; and more so by the republicans. He’ll be labeled the angry black man, and people will, eat that up.
  6. He’s 70
  7. This might not bother anyone else, but I would really love to see an atheist in office. Tho Dr. West isn’t so religious as to potentially strengthen the abuses of our seemingly eternal, marriage of church & state. A man of faith can’t really truly do that. Like, what are his views on abortion? (He’s prob for it since the Bible actually is for it, but what about other things?) However, if it were this one alone, I’d shut up, cause most Americans still prefer a man of faith, so…
  8. He gets frustrated, or flustered, when he is bogged down by idiot interviewers who dont understand what he’s saying. The person we need to run must not only remain calm and have an easier time pivoting to say a sly one word dig at their intelligence/ignorance or whatever, on the fly, but also needs to be able to put the screws to trump and reveal HIS insecurities, rather than let them bully him, not that he lays down at all, just the person we gotta run should be quick with a witty comment in those cases INSTEAD of always staying logical/giving the right answer always. Basically needs to play their game better than them (which he’s a philosopher more than a media personality).

However, if he doesn’t get like an appointment to the Supreme Court (don’t know if he has a law degree) or Intellectual advisor or like speaker of the house (again don’t know and not even sure how that works exactly) or some other integral position where his true talents and abilities lie, I’d be very unhappy with the person who wins. That goes for Bernie as well. Use these old cats to advise us “youths.” But my point is: I appreciate his attempt to save democracy by throwing his hat in the ring. But this is not the right job for him, or that’s what I think at least.

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Side thought: we should pressure Eminem (not sure if he’s progressive, but right now I care much more about demolishing or even just beating DT Rump and Tug; because he wins FOR SURE if he runs). DT Hair-Plug Rug and Tug; DT Baby-Mushroom-Stump; the Consentless Humper; ok, I’m done, let the hate begin….another person that I think would for sure win (but not sure of any of his politics): Kevin Hart. Do it.

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If not faced with existential doom, then yes, I’d probably vote West, depending on who he’s running against

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Which West? Please tell me not Kanye. Do you, but you by definition cannot be a progressive if you’d vote for Geebus Yeezus. Not the mental health: the Republican religion values, the Jew stuff, the fact that he’s wrong about pretty much everything that he says or writes. His ignorance is staggering…

I hear and understand what you’re saying however, this is one of the biggest problems with the left today is that people are letting their emotions outweigh their logic. I LOVE Dr. Cornel West from here to the moon and I would love nothing more than to see him as a potential president… but the reality is this… 3rd parties do not have the political power to make a real difference in the electorate. David Doel made an excellent point about this last week stating “How come we only hear from 3rd parties during the general election? We never hear about a 3rd party candidate running in local elections.” which is true. And I’m sure at some point TYT will have Dr. West on the show like they did with Williamson but ask yourself honestly will it make a difference? Williamson is practically a ghost in MSM even though she has a massive social media presence just like Dr. West

Until 3rd parties have a stronger presence in the voter electorate it won’t make a difference what TYT or other leftist shows do in that regard unfortunately

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Yeah this is why a debate must happen. I am not sure why we don’t get the very valid critique that we come across as clinical. There is a great vibe here it just focused inward. I don’t consider this to be a flaw, but it is when you need to be persuasive.

This is why we need a debate. We need to demonstrate progressive values, and learn that conflict isn’t inherently negative.

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You’re not wrong about that but who’s going to set up the debate? If you mean debate on TYT yes that would be awesome, I mean we saw it when Dr. West was on Jimmy Dore, but did that debate reach the audience who’s going to vote? And let’s say you’re right and by some miracle, a debate happens on NBC with Biden, West, Williamson (and by with the tightest of fingers crossed Cenk) and all 3 progressives rips Joe a new one 3 different times to the point where you can’t name a winner but only a loser which was Joe, do I think that would move the electorate to a degree yes, but would it be enough to stop the DNC from messing everything up like they did in 2020?

The bottom line is that even if there were debates I don’t think it would make a difference for Dr. West, not because Dr. West is a flawed candidate by any means, but because 3rd parties just don’t have the political power as of yet, which is what happened with Jill Stein. This is just my opinion though and frankly; I actually hope I’m wrong in this analysis

LOLOL Kanye… forgot about that one.

I think we need practice and exposure for candidates and a TYT hosted debate does both. Plus when you host the event you can make it framed in away that will produce content that showcases progressive messaging.

I would invite Trump and Biden. Then hold an empty podiums for them when they don’t show.

I think we should focus on increasing exposure to non establishment candidates in addition to other parties. If the establishment see a big increase in third parties and/or progressive people they will of course verbally go out and market themselves as progressives or believing in progressive ideas. that can at least for independents who don’t focus on politics as much increase their chances against Trump. In addition to that we need to get the progressives already in congress to constantly push the same ride along amendments to every proposal such as increasing the federal min wage. We need to encourage them to go on any platform and be consistent in the message of we are trying to get you this but “they” are denying it to you. as a side not i think they should ask for about $23 an hour as the min (the amount it should be if tied to inflation) and negotiate their way to about $18. When its time for the general election hopefully we get to a point when the 3rd party is on the debate stage from that exposure to remind independents that there are options out there; and depending on the polling from there as a unit put our support behind the best choice at the moment to defeat the extreme right first then the establishment. Doing this to me is both pushing a more progressive message as a unit but also setting up for future elections with more parties as long as they are running progressive candidates especially in the local elections and the house.

Cornel all the way. The Kanye comment was a joke.

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absolutely agree… and if for some reason it looked like he might get the nomination, I’m positive I would second guess myself for nearly all the reasons here. I will vote for him just to put points on the board for an honest progressive.

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