Supporting positive change

I would like to stop wasting time - and start working daily for an hour or so on supporting a more peaceful, loving and just world. Is there a blue print - we can copy/ paste- co create- to stop spinning our wheels and complaining, in order to make progress to support a more just country and world for all?

I listened to Cenks book and learned a lot- I’ll circle back to see how I can be more efficient and effective with my time in regards to supportive positive change. Clear and concise direction is appreciated.

How can I best make use of my time now to possibly help support a more peaceful loving and more just world for our future generations?


I listened to book again - great info. Moving forward it said support rebellion and wolf pac- I’ll also go there and see what I see. Rebellion pac needs updated but I signed up for wof-pac!


Soon to come. Please stay tuned this monday.


In my opinion, time spent talking to people who have given up, are cynical or apathetic, do not see the good Biden has done or the extreme danger of the GOP of today, is an excellent use of time - any kind of increasing voter turnout and/or supporting local politicians and candidates who truly care about protecting democracy. You could also join my cause, which is about truth and the information warfare fight: hold people accountable for the truth of what they say.

For truth to prevail in time to protect democracy, we all need to come together, work together. We must accept all who care about democracy, even those with other policy views we despise. But we need to trust each other - which means we need a check on honesty. Check out the non-profit academic-created tool, the Pro Truth Pledge. We need to push independent media to pressure each other and politicians to sign it or tell us why they won’t. I’m working on getting AI fact checking tied in too, so everyone who signs it is automatically fact-checked / context is provided, which can enrich the conversation.

Nobody who is generally willing to be truthful, and to correct themselves when they make a mistake, should be afraid of this – but those who prefer a Fox softball interview full of lies may well be afraid. Time spent pushing this, getting people to sign the pledge: that is time well spent!

Thank you! Will do

Generally I am suspect of landing pages built like this. I think this effort seems great however the fundamental flaw is truth isn’t as concrete as most would wish. This means this direction however well intentioned, this effort will almost always end in a fixation around delineation of definitions. This will likely cause a self execution causing groups to split and cannibalize one another. Whenever this turbulence would ensue it would cause particular systemic instability due to the nature of the information being argued is facts.

This isn’t reason enough not to do this effort it just seems dangerous if done haphazardly. It also seems like it would be a particular value in coopting a movement such as ours. This opens an entire new avenue of arbitrage and transparency requirements for a threshold of trust to be maintained.