Suppressive Semantics and Shifting Goals

All out peace is the red line that must be drawn.

I find if funny a partner for peace would callously reject a peace plan. In the same breath demand fealty and threaten abandonment.

The sticking point is between peace and calm?

They play with empty threats while they crack on the pandemonium of violence.

The problem with a nude leader is they walk around with the arrogance of status while feeding their future embarrassment.

Produced in collaboration with ChatGPT.

In the Pursuit of Peace

In the shadows of uncertainty, where fear and hope collide,
Lies a land torn asunder, where peace seems denied.

Protests spread like wildfire, voices raised in dismay,
As the powers that be continue to lead astray.

Police crackdowns and media smears, painting youth in a negative hue,
Fueling anger and frustration, widening the divide that grew.

While leaders dance on the brink of war, red lines drawn in the sand,
Innocent lives hang in the balance, at the mercy of their command.

Beneath the cloak of ambiguity, the truth remains obscured,
As goalposts shift and promises falter, leaving hearts unsure.

Leaflets fall like silent cries, urging evacuation without escape,
Fuel embargoes choke the lifelines, sealing the people’s fate.

Amidst the chaos, the ICC moves forward, seeking justice’s hand,
As Egypt joins the call for accountability, taking a stand.

Famine and shortages grip the land, hospitals in darkness, cries unheard,
As instability spreads like wildfire, in the land where peace deferred.

Yet in the midst of turmoil, a glimmer of hope remains,
In the hearts of those who dare to dream, of breaking free from chains.

For peace is not a distant dream, but a choice we make each day,
To stand against the tide of war, and pave a different way.

So let us raise our voices high, in a chorus of peace and love,
And strive to tip the scales towards a future, guided from above.

For in the darkest of times, it is our light that shines the brightest,
Leading us towards a world where peace reigns, and all are united.

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