T-Mobile Price hike

So I hear today T-Mobile is raising prices and switching customers to new plans as of Oct 17th-which is tomorrow, mind you! How can they switch its current customers to new plans without authorization? This is some BS! You have to call in to opt out and I just don’t agree with these type of actions without prior authorization. This is absurd to me. Thoughts??

I feel your pain I have left the same phone company 3 times, they just keep buying the service carrier I switch to. It is like some mafia stuff, they keep trying to drag me back in.

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As for how they’re changing it, there is usually a clause in the contract that says they can change the fees and services with some or no notice. It really depends on the circumstances as to whether or not its predatory. If they’re reporting record profits and raising rates, definitely predatory. Otherwise check the circumstances, any number of things can happen.

The opt-out is their way of getting away with it. At least they do have that option. the telcos all need to grandfather contracts if the subscriber wants. i used to work for a cable tv company – they are under the same utility contract rules.