TechoFeudalism Yanis Varoufakis 🤔

The discussion that Yanis had with Channel 4BBC about the current state of capitalism evolving into techo Feudalism is very relevant to operation hope.

At the heart of all radicalism is discomfort and a love thar wants to remove that discomfort from the self or others.
The current state of things has created Feudal lords who don’t create profit, they collect rent on the profits of others

The only thing they haven’t suggested is that the impoverished by Feudalism should “eat cake” if they’re hungry :man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t2:

This has a direct and measurable impact on YOUR life and some of his suggestions are truly revolutionary


Yeah IP laws are a huge problem. There are also barriers to entry, enforced through emergency government action. I have had direct experience with this where a government would respond to protect local business holder interest. They even have lied to me about the status of government properties for sale. They went so far as to recruit me to work for a rival business, the same with organization they were captured by. They passed emergency ordnances in two counties directly after I reached out to them. They didn’t want to discuss anything, they just wanted to stop my startup.

This all reminds me of poaching the kings forest. If you’re not in the favor of the king you have no business hunting his forest.

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Your understanding is crystal clear :thinking:

Monopolistic corporations don’t encourage development and progress, they prevent it.

The US army came up with a covid shot the addressed the targeting so it hit all variants of covid19.

…and then it disappeared without a trace and was never spoken of again because a one and done shot would save lives and kill profits and the choice was made.
I wonder when it’ll hit 2 million, if it hasn’t already.

Unorthodox answers may have the best effects :smirk:

Like ending the war on drugs, legalization of the cartels into corporations with the capacity to produce pharmaceuticals because they already have the expertise and the startup capital producing drugs like Seagram’s had a huge warchest from prohibition to spend on development of businesses after prohibition ended.

Listen to Yanis and his proposals because it’s definitely within possibility to achieve and that would literally change everything from instigation. :thinking:

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I haven’t seen Yanis’ clip, but I sure will.

Indeed. They might be unorthodox, but in the realm of causes and effects, they have their reasons to work. In the case of legalization: the financial arm of the black market is taken away and better alcohol/drugs are served to the public, and this can be backed up by the health department as to better mitigate the problems with addiction. Preventive and reactive appproaches, etc

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I Hope that Operation Hope can be the beginning of a Peaceful Techno-Revolution that can get us to a Techno-Democracy, in which Technologies are put to the service to the electorate so they can be better watchdogs of those in power. Democracy it not just voting, voting implies decision, and we should have better tools to perform those decisions.

Edit: It has to be opensource, transparency a must.


It’s literally letting people who have medical addictions have time to get better instead of playing Russian roulette with the next fix because they have no choice except the horrors of detox by going cold turkey.

…that’s no choice at all. A lot don’t survive the experience.

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Yanis is absolutely spot on in his macro economics analysis. It paints a sad picture for Europe in general, because Europe has completely lost the tech war.

His solution though, is quite impractical to implement. Basically Yanis thinks there is no way we can fight the tech feudal lords except through global pressure. But like, imagine having to work globally when you can’t even convince your stupid republican neighbor of any shared reality whatsoever. Literally guillotine is a more practical solution than “global cooperation between nation to pressure tech companies”. Like you have to understand some nations, like Singapore, Dubai, are built specifically to shield rich people from any global pressure or global consequences.

Technology isn’t the boon most think it is. Our government was once state of the art technology. We look at it now and think, what!? This is a difficult to look back now and see that framing. This both due to the fact it was false to a degree when it was modern, and it has been bouncing between corrupted and redeemed over our history.

I will look up Yanis but I would say there are problems with the framing presented here. I am not sure how indicative of his arguments this is or not so I may be misrepresenting both positions, therefore I will keep it short.

Technology companies is a misnomer nearly every company is a technology company. It is time to create greater decrement in our language here.

Second the lordship is a fantasy because these lords are slaves to their creations. In feudalism you were in service of the king / queen or religious / cult leaders and last the people. This meant you had a place in the hierarchy so long as everyone with power allows it. What most don’t understand in business is CEOs only hold power so long as the stakeholders agree. This is due to the fact if a CEOs are given to much power they can do to much damage to shareholders before the board of directors rights the ship. So if a CEO needs to be rained in they must answer to the board. This means every boardroom is a clearing house for all the potential litigants of all stakeholders. This means CEOs are really a political figurehead position when being held accountable for assumption of risk.

To me the analog seems much more at home in organized religion however I understand why that isn’t a popular option.

Alphabet like Apple doesn’t own tech. What they own is the market. In their jargon an “ecosystem” is what it is called, and this audience capture is self imposed largely. I know this because all my most gifted friends in technology just make better tools what is offered publicly and you never see them. Now what is funny is some of these friends side projects become technology businesses themselves. The rate of innovation is clearly entering a new phase in qualitative analytics.

This will largely turn on philosophy of the builders and how they craft / operate their systems.

I will say I am not sure the framing of dystopia is one I wish to amplify. I am not sure if this applies to Yanis?