Thanks for speaking up for women, TYT

Here to say thanks for TYT for speaking up for women. I’m a loooong time progressive who, like them, feel that trans folks deserve rights and protections. But I also feel like those shouldn’t come at a price for women. And that’s happening more and more!

Perhaps more importantly, this internal culture war stuff - largely driven by the gender-obsessed crowd - needs to refocus on the things we have in common, like worker rights, fair pay, reproductive rights, affordable housing - all that. Let’s work together on making this a better place for all, not finding yet new slurs to hurl at women who simply want to speak up for themselves. The patriarchy has done a great job of that, thanks. No need to add new - or even repurposed - words to call us. We’ve already heard it all. Let’s work together, please.


If we don’t work together to build a better world we will work together to destroy ourselves.

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Absolutely, I just joined to show support for Ana and Cenk. As a gay man, I support the protection of gay and lesbian identities that are being attacked. I have been watching TYT for such a long time but now TYT needs us more than ever.