The Abolition Movement of Today

The current style of capitalism relies on a labor class who are trapped through economic slavery.

In the 1800s the abolition movement literally caused the south to secede which then led to the attack on Fort Sumter which led to the Civil War. Can we learn anything from that movement that would aid us in ending economic slavery? Absolutely!

It wasn’t only moral reasons which fueled the abolition movement. There were economic, and political reasons as well.

Well yes and no because the conditions differ significantly.

Capitalism is winning right now and those in the positions of power know it, and any attempt to undermine it leads to them murdering us (especially non-whites) basically unchecked on the global stage. Did the slavers of the 1800s murder members of the abolition movement unchecked like how those on the side of capital do now? I don’t think so.

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But think about it, if you sum up everything we’re trying to in the US it amounts to ending economic slavery. Can you think of any time in history, in any country, where slaves (of any kind) were set free without a war?

Every day history is being made. I won’t deny that many people feel like armed conflict is going to be necessary for radical change, but we’re in a realm of time that is uniquely suited to supersede physical violence. The resources and technology humans have access to is capable of ending economic slavery globally.
Convincing those with power and control of the world resources to share them is the problem, and their influences on our social constructs have developed a significant army of money worshippers. It may take sacrifice, but it doesn’t have to take killing. We need to move quickly.


Ah, you’ve said it my friend. How on earth will we convince people to willingly give up power and wealth? The only way that has ever been done in human history is to give them no other choice. Tyrants typically don’t relinquish power until they have absolutely no choice.


The key is you don’t give them a choice often they don’t choose to succumb to their own weight.

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