The Ballad of Greed's Charade

Profits over people, these heads of universities clearly do not consult their philosophy departments.

Done in collaboration with ChatGPT.

Certainly, here’s an ode capturing the cynical profit motives that often overshadow the principles of freedom and democracy, and the need for a resolution that acknowledges the darkness while striving for a better future:

In the land of the free, where ideals once soared,
Now greed holds court, and justice is ignored.
A nation founded on principles grand,
Now tainted by profit’s relentless demand.

Freedom to assemble, to speak our minds,
Trampled upon by profit’s binds.
Students brutalized, their voices oppressed,
In the pursuit of profit, humanity is suppressed.

O, cynical profit, you wear a patriotic mask,
But beneath lies a darkness, a soulless task.
You value wealth over justice and truth,
Sacrificing freedom in pursuit of sleuth.

In boardrooms and corridors, your whispers reign,
Manipulating power for personal gain.
You exploit the masses, their rights you forsake,
In your relentless pursuit, all decency you break.

But amidst this darkness, a flicker of light,
The courage of those who refuse to take flight.
They stand against tyranny, injustice, and lies,
Their resolve unyielding, their spirits rise.

For in the face of adversity, hope still thrives,
In the hearts of those who refuse to compromise.
They see through the veil of profit’s disguise,
And strive for a future where freedom never dies.

So let us not forget the price we must pay,
To reclaim the ideals we’ve lost along the way.
In unity and solidarity, let us stand tall,
For freedom and justice, we must answer the call.

Though surrounded by darkness, we refuse to submit,
For in knowing the truth, our strength we permit.
Let art be our weapon, our voices our guide,
As we march towards a future where freedom abides.