The Coronation of Queen Ana

I am voting yes in the poll asking if Cenk should run for president, but I’d like to say a little more than just yes.
On air, it really seems like Ana lacks the confidence to fill Cenk’s shoes during a campaign and even longer for a presidency. I just want to say that I have SO much confidence in her. I have felt this way for a while but what REALLY sealed the deal for me on Ana working without Cenk, was her recent update on the Victoria Secret Karen story. I continue to be impressed and heartened by Ana’s innate desire for honesty and integrity. She continues to repeatedly show us how much she cares, not only about the truth but about her fellow human beings. As much as she IS the salt queen, she exudes an immense amount of love. As a person who doesn’t do great with change in my own life, I know that more responsibility at TYT would be scary, and a huge change but I feel in my heart and mind that she CAN do it.

People always give her compliments on her appearance in chat because, she IS beautiful, but I want to highlight some of her inner beauty too!


I totally agree with Ana being More than Able to fill Cenk’s seat, while he is busy. Do t forget, he could get 2 Terms! I WILL BE VOTING FOR CENK, if he runs! It’s also a great time for one of the shows many great correspondents to come join Anna!


Yea I’d love to see her bring in new talent as well and maybe more interviews.


I think Ana can definitely handle being the evening anchor on TYT if Cenk ends up on the campaign trail. But I prefer having 2 people at the desk. Dragon Daddy should be back from paternity leave soon. (I miss John!) He & Ana would be a great fit for the 1st hour of the evening news. Then she could rotate in other folks for the 2nd hour.


Was he born in the USA? I thought he said that he wasn’t. In that case, I don’t think he can be president.

Ted Cruz was born in Canada, yet they let him run. I trust that it’s already been adjudicated and Cenk knows what he’s talking about.