The courage of survivors to speak their truth

My 3rd post( this is getting easier for me). Im a survivor of physical, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of my stepfather. Its been difficult to see the Puff Daddy situation manifest but i was witnessed to an incident that took place in December 2022 at a star studded party. I had taken my picture with him and his photographers and he was very nice. Not much time later a reality star and him started talking. He cornered her ( he towered over her). I witnessed Puff yelling and screaming at her and pointing his finger in her face . The body guards were around him poised to jump into action if it got out of hand. This went on for 30 minutes and afterwards the reality star was crying and a famous tennis player came over and consoled her. A week later i get a call from one of his photographers who said he would give me my picture if j went to a Puff Daddy party with him. I declined. I’m glad i did knowing all the unspeakable things that have come out. I commend Cassie for her bravery as she gave a voice to people who otherwise would still be trapped or not believed. I pray as a society we can be supportive of one another especially when violations like this occur. God bless you Cassie.

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I am sorry that you experienced such abuse at the hands of someone who was supposed to protect you. Hearing about domestic abuse and sexual violence is absolutely triggering, especially when it’s hard to imagine such predators will ever be held to account. It’s hard enough to convict a poor piece of shit, let alone a rich one. It pisses me off to no end that in these types of situations the first questions people typically have are pointed towards the victim in a way that implies the victim’s actions are at least partially responsible for the predator’s behaviors.

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I can’t stand people who abuse their power and privilege. It is a total power play that they believe they are better than anybody else . All you can do is calmly back away from this dynamic and know that eventually they will get their comeuppance. So sorry you had to experience this.