The Damage Report Opening Sequence

John keeps saying that he plans on updating the opening sequence for TDR, so far it hasn’t happened.

Well, I have a couple suggestions. One, is make all the clips/stills that would pertain to the President and Vice President feature Manchin/Sinema. After all, they are more the President and Vice President then Biden/Harris. Or, just leave it exactly as is in anticipation of Trump’s victory in 2024. We all now, baring death or conviction (yeah right), Trump is running in 2024. The Dem Establishment will only allow a Dem Establishment candidate in 2024. Which means, the Dems will loose to Trump in 2024. Thanks, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema!

I know this is a bit doomer, and I wish I were being sarcastic. But sadly, it’s also vividly realistic. What does everyone else think?

That beat soothes me though, it helps relieves the tension of having to wait for a late preshow.
Don’t worry John, I got your back😉