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Started this in the comments on the garbage person of the week post yesterday: what do y’all think of the idea of doing an anti garbage person of the week? Someone who is fighting against or fighting to undo the damage?


Ohhhhhhh I like it. Did anyone respond in Youtube about it?


I am conflicted about this topic on Bill Mahar, but think I know how to settle it with the help of John.
John is about to build a shed in his backyard, and according to Bill Mahar, that is almost impossible to do in Los Angeles (or I think California as a whole? So the bit goes). You need permits from a dozen oversight committees… I’m butchering the joke, but it’s one of his great grievances with California, second only to his contempt for his ongoing attempts to install solar panels on his house.
So the question to John is, what did you have to do, and how much do you have to spend in fees and permits to get your shed built? Is there any red tape at all?
Bill Mahar ties his whole show to this bit, if there’s any truth to building codes on sheds or solar panels, then Bill has to get my relevance vote.

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I haven’t watched Mahar in years, but you do a great job laying this out so that I don’t have to. :laughing: I’m sure it is true, though, about Cali codes.

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Yeah, there were a lot of likes and replies were all supportive of the idea.


@alison_hartson October 21 episode is missing. I’ll also message Support too. But I thought I’d let you know just in case they don’t get to my email today since it’s Friday FriYay!!!

That’s a great idea it gives a compare and contrast aspect, rather then just focusing on garbage building up lol

This did not age well.

I suppose it doesn’t hurt trying to find the benefit of doubt, but Bill really screwed me on this one.

Thanks Mahar, you kissed the asses of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and you want to know why you’re getting fucked in the ass over solar. Literally drinking your own urine, then asking why your coffee tastes funny.

It wasn’t even into a Mr coffee, just straight into the cup!

I feel like you’re only allowed on HBO because they need something to counter John Oliver.
Way to stay relevant Boomer.