The government of Israel have upped the anti in a terrible way

Criminalization of dissenting opinions is critical to oppose.

This story should be amplified. I stand with Israelis doing the right thing. Publishing crimes need to be confronted with vigor.

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The world is seeing the great cost of war right now. But there’s an aftermath of all this, the clean up. When you find out exactly the rough amount of people killed. At my rough calculations, I would say around 40 000, maybe a little more or less. Then there is the cost of getting back to a sense of normal. The rebuilding of Gaza. And the question is are the people going to be allowed to go home. I would have to say no. Israel wants the land. They will expect the world to take the Palestinians in, plus also help pay for the clean up. Our problem in this Era is holding governments to account for their actions. But who will hold Israel to account. They will bring up the holocaust, yet none of them are from that time. The problem here is most of the generations of Israel are of European decent, not of the Middle East. So the hate they brought with them, is the hate they give.

This is largely the problem with our understanding. Honestly until this all happened I didn’t understand this either. For those that may not know the two large factions in Israel aren’t equally represented in government. A series of conditions has created a demographic shift to the right through state religious subsidies.

Here is a video that explains the demographics of Israel.

I agree, our generation will be happy to fix what our what our fathers, and mothers have broken. We will rebuild Gaza, and we will commit resources with more vigor than those with the bloodlust for its demise. This will not happen overnight, we are moving as best we can please understand.