The Grassroot and maintenance of longevity

The constituent is the foundation of grassroot, it must be solid in it’s command structure to be fit for leadership.
We must ensure command is established, communication must be secured as well as supply lines to those in charge.

Your charge, as a leader, is to ensure your people had the resources they need. Briefly, I will mention the organizing effort, the artery for which you send your will. They must be supplied, the work they do is significant and must be compensated as such, or the cause will die, dry from exhaustion without any replenishment to their systems.
But this is an internal command matter.

For the constituent, it means giving power to those they wish to empower. Causes for some are greater than others, some will push far more than necessary or even warranted because the hope is so great; the charity is just as such.
We must protect that sentiment from exploitation, they seek to make change and will do anything for the greater good. They will be most vulnerable to betrayal and abandon.
The road is long and hard, for all issues, for we live in complex populations and systems of democracy that reach farther than you could possibly imagine.
Our local economy is subject to the whims of both state, federal, and international affairs, incidents that effect all of us to some degree.

So must be your contributions, it should never come at the detriment of your well being, you need to take care of yourself first, at a minimum more than mere survival, because it is that spirit and drive that will save us all. You must temper it, so that it may be strong, unyielding, and everlasting.
The flower is nothing without the stalk it grows from, but in order for that stalk to stand erect, it is the roots that ensure structural integrity even against the forces of nature.

In the 21st century, for the modern citizen, that means appropriating a budget that will both contribute to your causes and be able to manage your life effectively.
If you’ve been active in grassroots organizining, you will know that constributions means less than going out there and doing the work: spreading the message.
For every hour you put in doing your effort amounts to minimum wage in the end, but if you’re invested in a political effort, rest assured the moved will move with increased vigor, offering us, the candidate, much more in the grand scheme than a mere donation.

And there are more ways than active participation, engaging in politics regularly with your peers and community is helpful to get our message out. Your conversations of convincing is exactly what we need, in order to change the status quo’s narrative and bring our ideas mainstream.
And your political leaders, if they are doing their jobs right, should be supplying you with ample to make you look like the local samaratan schooling bad behaviors and reluctantly forcing the community to be more welcome.

But let’s focus on the budget for your leaders.
The amount you give is not just a number seen on the scoreboard, you can do so much with just a small amount.
For example, a $20 dollar donation as seen as one donation of $20. But if you donate that $20 divided into ten different donations, then your $20 dollars is seen as ten donations of $2. The algorithm is important as it finds ways to make our voice louder, and establishment will be looking for these qualifiers when considering influence.
Consider is you did that once a month, by the end of the year, you are a constituent that has donated $240 in a year, and count for 120 donations towards a candidate.
Those are impressive numbers coming from an individual. A few friends, and you could be a firestorm. If the $20 bucks a month is the least that you do, engagingnthe streets as champions for the cause, then hot damn! Any leader would be proud to have you under their ranks.

It’s not what you put in but how you put that contribution in as well. Financial means is only one aspect of the constituent, and if you are moved as the movement is supposed to move you, you should know that the issues have always been more important than the pricetag placed on it.

That is progress, don’t let anyone tell you different.
That is enough, if you feel the need to do more, understand it’s not the quantity you put in, it’s the quality that’s going to see our goals for the win.

What is a campaign?
Door to door, meet and greet.
public engagement.
municipal engagement.
building base, recognition, influence.

How much should that cost?
Advertisement, especially for election season can be prebooked and timeslots bought at cheaper prices if bought ahead of time. Prepare the slot for resource. Local tv, radio, publication, flyers, etc. the errata needs to be prepared and ready for distribution at the moment the gates open, as well as reservation for that material.

A campaign should be built. I feel uneasy promising empty dreams and all too familiar liklihood of heartache. We must mitigate for the constituent as mucb risk as possible.
That’s why constituent discussion is paramount, we don’t want to walk away and find they broke house and home just for chances too slim to carry.
Because we need them for the next round too, in both failure and retrying, or success and continued support.
We are ensuring the base remains strong for us to call upon time and again, not just this campaign season but also the next, and not worry about our’s health.

As we grow, logistics will need to maintain the volume of representation, it is crucial that we remain connected, or we will lose track in the distortions of Congressional machinations.

Military organization is the alpha of getting your shit together, it is simple, effective, and efficient in every aspect of operations. There are three aspect to military organization:
These three aspects are critical in managing military operations, and if we are to minimize attrition and effectively utilize our resources, we must ensure the organization is structured and efficiently managed.

And if there is ever a time you do not compensate fairly, not just monetarily, but also time and consideration, then you fail to give your base the supply and communication needed to effectively maintain operations.

The exhausted will turn away, and worse you grow negative sentiment that will fester from neglect.

Because exclusivity breaks the culture, and even the most loyal will lack spiritual connection.
For we are the exiled, you benefit from our toils while we are left in the cold.

Some of us came from broken homes, we don’t need another.
No amount of bolstering will repair the damage, it is irreparable.
You would need to deal with scars first, and the many issues of neglect and atrophy.

The wounds heal improperly, and there is nothing to be done by then.
Only callouses and dead nerves.

It doesn’t matter how many times I say it, I have already been exiled from the Army, the Discord, and the Twitch.
You don’t want me, I assure you, it wasn’t a good time for anyone.

I am not even allowed here, the reality is I am divisive, and I am less an asset than I am a liability.
Story of my life.

So be it.
This is the way, and I will not abandon it.
And I am used to walking alone.
It is the way of the Mandalorian, stories I had to cling to because all I had was serving the Imperial Court that would inevitably betray me.

For the Empire.