The Leaf Spring Army Updates you

That POW camp was attacked by Russia. Not the first time they’ve shot their own, this was a deliberate attempt to reduce resource consumption.
Ukraine tried to get answers the day of, but gets the same fascist treatment as always.
We covered the Russians raping women yes?
They burn grain now to start famine, those were POWs we were supposed to negotiate for, there’s no way Ukraine could have done that! Because if you have been paying attention for six months, you can tell clearly the actions of Ukraine, forces of incredible talent, so much that their effectiveness of our own weapons provide magnitudes the return.

Russia has only gotten more savage, you cannot trust anything they say, the Enforcer has all the evidence you need. I had already known about that attack days ago, Ukraine had called the atrocity first, but you can tell because Russia never answers immediately.
In fact, I can’t even remember the last time negotiations were.

Russia is being attacked, secretly, they report of inexplicable devastation that anyone but an idiot can see what those MiG squadrons the Slavic nations gave them are doing.
I must protest, that you look into the matter, and look at how savage the situation has become.

For over 6 months Ukraine has seen incredible assault, as savage as we have seen in the 21st century. The USA is the only ones capable of supplying them capability b/c our budget.

The US Military it’s going anywhere, but if we are to rid of coup schemes and nation wrecking, we must first find a suitable substitute for Imperialism. And Zelenskyy fights for Ukraine.

We are the only ones capable, and so far, Ukraine has returned our investment 3 fold. They take the fraction of munitions for effectiveness, they conserve our gifts and use them sparingly.

They are teaching our military that quality is better than quantity. This is necessary to change the foreign practices of the USA, we must have a cause to fight for. It is our way.

Because having the military on the woke mobs’ side would help us considerably, and our vets have been asking for help since the Hippies. We are compartmentalized, and we must unite.

I have been watching the Enforcer everyday for over six months. His reporting can be confirmed. 165 or something days, they are still there.

LSA. Slava Ukraine.