The Tale of the Cuckoo and the Crow

There seems to be an undue burden on freedom of speech and right to assemble.

The follow was done in collaboration with ChatGPT:

In a land where freedom once did grow, There lived a cuckoo and a crow. They sang their songs from dawn 'til night, Their voices pure, their hearts alight.

But one dark day, the sky grew dim, And voices hushed, on a sudden whim. For the rulers of the land decreed, “No songs of dissent shall we heed.”

The cuckoo cried, “But why, oh why, Must our voices be silenced, our wings clipped high?” The crow, wise and old, replied with sorrow, “For those in power fear the truth we borrow.”

So they sang no more, in the meadows green, Their melodies lost, their spirits keen. But the land grew quiet, the air grew still, As silence spread, like a bitter pill.

For when freedom’s song is forced to flee, The soul of a nation withers, you see. And though the rulers may think they’ve won, In truth, their tyranny has just begun.

So let this tale be a lesson learned, Of the dangers when freedoms are spurned. For when voices are stifled, and truth is denied, The spirit of justice cannot abide.

So let us cherish our right to speak, And never let silence make us weak. For in the songs of the cuckoo and the crow, Lies the heartbeat of freedom, let it grow.